Tyson Fury sparks controversy by saying homosexuality, abortion and paedophilia 'will cause the world to end'



                                                 The new World Heavyweight Boxing champion Tyson Fury of England has really caused alot of criticism since winning the title, with his comments on homosexuality and abortion.


It doesn’t quote him as saying “cause” the world to end, just that those things will occur prior to the world ending according to his Biblical interpretation. But whatever, Obama told us the other night he was going to save the whole planet, so there’s nothing to worry about.



I suppose at least Obama takes a nuanced view and carefully thinks, before making another inept decision…


And now there’s a petition to remove him from the shortlist for sports personality of the year theguardian.com/sport/2015/dec/06/bbc-spoty-shortlist-petition-to-remove-tyson-fury-reaches-55000-signatures


Hee hee hee… :smiley:

I suppose at least Obama takes a nuanced view and carefully thinks, before making another inept decision…

Wait…what? :stuck_out_tongue:


Tyson Fury responds as petition grows for removal from Sports Personality list.

                                  In an interview he said: "There are only three things that need to be accomplished before the devil comes home: one of them is homosexuality being legal in countries, one of them is abortion and the other one's paedophilia.

“Who would have thought in the '50s and '60s that those first two would be legalised?”



why is homosexuality being compared to murder and pedophile? thats my question, Plus the only one i can see ending the world is Abortion :twocents:


Well Fury is giving his own opinion, but he’s pretty accurate in how he says no one believed these things would be legalised in the 50’s and 60’s. I remember when I first learned the facts of life in the late 60’s, no one I knew thought homosexuality was even remotely acceptable behaviour.


I guess, but there were a lot of things back then that were “not accepted” Race, following other Religions,etc


You do understand that if everyone was homosexual, humans would no longer exist on earth, don’t you?


Well not exactly - let us distinguish “being homosexual”, and having only homosexual sexual relations (much like how one is sinful, and the other is not).


Not true,

Homosexuals can still reproduce with the opposite sex


Sure, although the date on the calendar has nothing to do with the moral goodness or badness of a thing like homosexual behavior, promiscuity, lying, cheating, stealing, etc…


Yes, back then we were transitioning wrt race, but does the fact that "sometime back then " people were generally wrong about race mean that *every single other idea they had *was also wrong?


Not even taking into account his comments about homosexuality…his comments about women are sexist and degrading. His comments about his detractors are disgusting. I’m not going to type his comments or provide a link to his vile comments, but you can find them with a quick Google search if you so choose. However, Tyson Fury is NOT a role model.


Don’t know who considers him a role model, but his comments about abortion and homosexuality are spot on !


I don’t think he was comparing, he stated his opinion about three separate things that are evil and his interpretation of Biblical references to the end of the world. He left out the word ‘active’ when mentioning homosexuality, however keeping in mind that this is his own personal opinion when did we decide to villify everyone who disagrees with our own opinion? We are losing the ability to think critically and debate civilly. Lord have mercy on us.


Bear in mind this is a man who has always contended that a woman’s best place is on her back or in the kitchen. He’s not exactly a great role model for his sport or for people to embrace in general.


The great white hope right?


There is not a chance of that happening. I THINK we have reached the limit of homosexuals. Be cause they have nothing to fear now.

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