U.K. A retired nurse has been arrested for trying to take her 97-year-old mother out of a care home before the latest lockdown

How is The Great Reset going with you?

U.K. A 73 years old retired nurse, was detained by police after forcing her way into a care home and removing her mother, Tina Thornborough, who she had not hugged for nine months because of the pandemic.

If she’s a retired nurse she should know very well there is a particular process to go through to ask for a change of home for someone assigned to a care home. Not just barge in like that. Her MP would have nothing to do with that and any registered nurse would be well aware of that, should such individuals be let go home with family members. I’d say yes in general if someone is there who can care for them but you can’t just barge in and push people out of the way and expect the care home workers to allow that on the other side of the coin, her mother is not the only resident of the care home.

Unless the lady had been sectioned under the Mental Health Act, I cannot see how this is anything but unlawful detention by the home( seemingly aided and abetted by the police) and legal redress is sought. I also would hope that the costs of her “stay” pending her “release” are not now being demanded by the home

Poorly handled by all concerned but you can’t barge into the home and the care home employees will rightly call the police if you do it and they admit pushing in to do so. The reality of this would be is a 73 year up to looking after someone with such demanding conditions as well. Most people will not make it to 97 and caring for people in these age groups is difficult, if you’ve ever done it or had to do so you’ll know it’s no giggle. My father is nearing 81 and he can be awkward and quite stubborn and frequently needs to be bullied gently into keeping his bedroom or personal areas clean. He also hates it when I do it, but someone has to ultimately. He is not the tidiest guy in the world and never has been and like many an Irishman of his generation it was the woman who kept the house tidy and the men of that generation are not great housekeepers, those that are left. My mother spent most of her working life with the terminally ill and very elderly and it is a very very difficult job.

The MP has no power to tell the care home to send mum home and why they are bothering him I don’t know, the solution of no visits is one I don’t like and those elderly parents and grandparents that live with a family member are in a better situation but that’s not possible for all such elderly people. My father and remaining two aunts are capable right now to an extent of living on their own but that’s something family members have to review every so often. My father’s remaining sister is a bit fitter and getting on for 84 but her youngest son runs a taxi company, that’s a busy job, especially now. He is also not married and thus at some points he has talked of sending her to live with her eldest son in Germany as he has a much bigger family. The idea of my father joining her has been put forward as my wife and I often work awkward hours and right now my wife can be at home because of the pandemic but that is not always possible.

None of these situations for real people have easy answers, arresting her was a road the police shouldn’t have gone down as the optics on that look awful but since none of us were physically present we don’t know how far she pushed the matter with staff for it to come to that.

Getting arrested for trying to kidnap someone is a pretty common consequence of that action.

It’s a bit more complex that and could have been handled more diplomatically, the police dropped charges you will note if you read the article. Hopefully a reasonable solution can be found.

Chicken-licken has a lot to answer for.

I’m thinking more Foghorn Leghorn with some of the stuff on here lately, with said rooster wandering around shouting, ‘I say boy, I say, you don’t want to be wearing that mask.’

I wouldn’t be at all surprised, the thing is that I don’t follow the American threads - we have more than enough silliness in the UK to deal with and I don’t really care who they elect, it’s their problem.

Given this issue here though the whole think is a mess, the police should have realized they were being set up for a fall. Also, there are procedures to ask for someone to be relocated after admittance to a care home, the mother and granddaughter admit trespassing and of course given that the police would be called. Is the situation with care homes ideal, no and no again but despite their claims to the contrary I view this as primarily an attempt to get people fired up from mum and granddaughter and to try and paint the UK as some sort of horrid dystopia.

It’s a storm in a teacup.

The thing that would worry me most, if I were in a care home, would be somebody waltzing in, spreading coronavirus around, just because somebody was desperate to see their great-grandchild.

Any elderly person who lives in a care home can leave at anytime in the UK. The only exception for this is when a person has been assessed to lack capacity. It is law that it is assumed that everyone has capacity and that everyone has the right to make unwise decisions. So, to be deemed as not having capacity means that this lady would at the very least have advanced moderate dementia. It would then become a safeguarding issue if she was removed. She could very easily become disoriented and wonder off from her daughter’s home and put her self in danger for example.

Like others have mentioned this retired nurse would of known this and the care home and police were doing their job.

It’s such a hard time so they ALL definitely have my sympathies.

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If that would worry you most, please do not watch this live feed from London, you will be terrified!

You missed the “if I were in a care home.” I’m not, I’ve also had it, I also keep to the rules.

Yep, she does have dementia, the article makes this plain and those were the sort of situations I was referencing when you need to make application to remove someone. The article makes it plain she has a fairly advanced level of dementia. It is horrible to think she may die there immintely, no-one is pretending otherwise, horrible to think her family may be able to have a proper funeral but we are living a horrible time sadly right now.

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