I wonder where these people were when Britain’s Abortion Law was passed in 1967.At the time,it appeared to be just a catholic issue:-


To be fair fundamentalist were an extremely small percentage of British religion in 1967. The larger blame goes to the largest percentage of Christian then and now Anglicans who have been traditionally unmotivated to fight for right for life issues in western countries.

Althought the fundamentalist and catholics have both grown since the late 60’s they are both still a small minority in England most still identify with the Anglican religion although on any given Sunday more catholics and fundamentalist attend church than Anglicans thought they make up 70 percent of the nation’s christians.


I think people were conned into this abortion tragedy.They thought
it would be much more restricted than the abortion on demand which we now have.If there had been a referendum and both sides had been given the fullest opportunity to give their opinions about abortion,this law would never have been passed.
When attempts have been made in Parliament to restrict it,we have had the pathetic sight of certain politicians trying to avoid being seen going into the pro-abortion lobby because they were being watched.Also,they sometimes won’t answer a letter on controversial issues like abortion.I have publicly said that,in future,i will assume they hold opposite views from myself if they don’t reply.A few years ago,we caught a would-be politician out.
Actually,he was only anti-abortion in Northern Ireland.I think he was afraid that,in a small state like Ulster,the catholics would eventually outnumber protestants and opt for a United Ireland.
Mind you,the way catholics seem to be practising birth control,it could be a VERY long time.
Ted Heath,the former Prime Minister,said some years ago that
Parliament had become very intolerant.I believe you could accuse
our society in general of that particular vice.It seems like it is about shouting people down and,if they don’t submit,ostracize them.Then they kneel in humble christian prayer. :eek: The word
"hypocrites"springs to mind.I think the UK Fundamentalists have stolen a leaf from the book of those who,not long ago,proved they were prepared to use violence and destruction against anyone mocking their religion.


They were always around,but they are now breaking cover.I just read this in today’s paper.


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