U.K. Homosexualist Group: Public Sex is an Important Part of Gay Community


In what sense is cruising ‘public sex’?

Gah, doesn’t anyone try to do any research at all?


Well, going around trying to pick up somebody is hardly just a gay activity and is somewhat different from having sex in public.

I wish this forum had an ignore function.

It does.

It’s real, a gay friend used to kid me about it because I used to live just up the way from Hampstead Heath, which is known for being a popular cruising spot in London. The famous singer George Michael was caught having public sex there recently by paparazzi, which wasn’t his first time, either. He was arrested in Los Angeles for soliciting sex in a public restroom years ago. It’s hard to imagine that anyone could defend this behavior.

Public sex is part of cruising. It’s not a “hey, come back to my place” thing, the point of it is that it’s spur of the moment and anonymous.

‘Rest room’ sex is ‘cottaging’ in the UK (where this story comes from).

‘Cruising’ is the ‘picking up’ part, isn’t it? I’m not trying to defend ‘public sex’ and wouldn’t support gay ‘public sex’ anymore than I’d support straight ‘public sex’ (‘dogging’ in the UK).

It’s just that I don’t see the ‘picking up’ part as ‘public sex’.

I think I found your answer, in the pinknews article that was referred to in the lifesitenews article:

"The area has long been a popular spot for men meeting for sex but cruisers are now being warned they face arrest if caught.

OutRage! claims that recent messages passed on the community by the north west-based Gay and Lesbian Foundation are “confusing” because there are no laws which specifically state that having sex in a public place is illegal."

Source: pinknews.co.uk/2009/11/09/outrage-calls-for-tolerance-for-gay-cruising-in-manchester/

The article clearly defines “cruising” as homosexual sex in a public place, NOT Ritchie and Postsy driving around Friday night, in the hot rod, looking for girls. Even though we speak the same language, the English of England and the English of The USA frequently have much different meanings. I hope the authorities don’t cave in to this absurb notion! :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope they get denied the “right” to have public sex.

Like cats prowling the neighborhood.

Yes, but the Pink News article also says:

It is a red light area with plenty of heterosexual sex workers and kerb crawlers and they are tolerated.

Which would indicate that it’s the activity of picking-up rather than the sex itself.

It’s one of the problems of starting with an article from LifeSiteNews which gets hysterical over everything it doesn’t vaguely approve of. In turn, that makes it hard to judge whether what it’s talking about is not vaguely naughty, a bit naughty, naughty or very naughty.

The point about there being heterosexual sex workers in the area highlights the hypocrisy of cherry-picking which public decency laws to apply. But it doesn’t give any indication that “cruising” means “no sex, just pickups.”

On the other hand, why would they concern themselves with a lack of laws pertaining to public sex, if public sex was not at issue?

Check out this article from pinknews (the gay publication, not the Catholic one that you deemed biased), it elaborates further:

“Andrew Gilliver, the charity’s communications manager, said it was important to remember the changes the area has undergone in recent years and urged people to have respect for local residents and businesses. He said: ‘We want to inform people who use this area that anyone found committing the offence of ‘outraging public decency’, which includes acts such as masturbation and sex in a public place will be arrested and taken to the nearest police station. You will face a caution and for repeated offences possible six months imprisonment or a hefty fine. LGF have liaised with the police and we believe that Greater Manchester Police are aware of the sensitive nature of many cruising activities and it is important that we inform men who use the canal for such activities that it is no longer a safe cruising area.’”


Actually, it doesn’t clear up the question of whether ‘cruising’ covers ‘public sex’. That ‘public sex’ may be the result of ‘cruising’ doesn’t mean that ‘cruising’ itself is ‘public sex’.

I’m not aware that LifeSiteNews is a ‘Catholic source’, it’s a source that may be run by some Catholics but that’s not the same thing, is it?

I think “cruising” when used in this instant involves public sex.

I am from the Northeast so my perception may be different. Many of our rest areas on highways in Massachusetts were shut down and blocked about 20 years ago because of “cruising”(with truck drivers). (You couldn’t even take your children to the bathroom when traveling.)

Many or our states now have gay marriage. Go to many of the nature paths like the Blue Hill Reservation and the Worcester park, or some of the trails in New Hampshire and you will find loads of males there at 8:00 in the morning and police have to regularly come into these areas. It is not safe to take your children.

This article seems to be pretty clear about the meaning of the word “cruising” as being public sex, and it also seems to be pretty clear that the outrage is that the UK is “tolerant” of “cruising” because it is “a part of the gay community.”

In other words, just as society “tolerates” people praying the Rosary in public, society should “tolerate” homosexuals having sex in public as this is a “human right of people who ‘]frequent’]open spaces.” Just remember that when they say “frequent,” they mean “have sex in”–no “toleration” for those who frequent in the normal manner who hope not to stumble over people having homosexual sex in public. Or even any other kind of sex.

I think you are hung up on a technicality and ignoring custom.

I could easily say “that killing animals may be the result of ‘hunting’ doesn’t mean that ‘hunting’ itself is ‘killing animals.’” But invite someone to go hunting, and they’ll assume you mean to invite them to go kill animals, not just pursue them.

Similarly, it may technically be possible to cruise and not have public sex, but if someone invites you to watch them go cruising in the park, well… don’t say I didn’t warn you. :rolleyes:

I think I may be hung up on the language I’ve heard gay friends using in the UK.

If we were to arrest males wandering around bars etc in the hope of casual sex, then police cells would be full of straight guys with a few gay guys included to improve the general fashion sense.

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