U.N. calls on China to free Uighurs from alleged re-education camps


GENEVA (Reuters) - United Nations’ human rights experts voiced alarm on Thursday over alleged Chinese political re-education camps for Muslim Uighurs and they called for the immediate release of those detained on the “pretext of countering terrorism”.

The U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination cited estimates that up to one million Uighurs may be held involuntarily in extra-legal detention in China’s far western Xinjiang province.

Its findings were issued after a two-day review this month of China’s record, the first since 2009.

There is another group that is having problems as well. They send armored vehicles into Xinjiang province, you are thinking you are looking at a war zone.


It’s the truth. However, some people prefer to turn a blind eye to the situation and/or accept government lies.


China does nearly every bad thing one could imagine. Genocide is nothing new with China. The government has been moving Han Chinese into Xinkiang, Inner Mongolia and Tibet, to create a Han majority in those places.

But being Han doesn’t keep you out of prison camps. Probably most of the people in them are Han.


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