U.N. pushing to end nation-states

Further proof that the UN is pushing for world domination:

U.N. pushing to end nation-states
Plan drafted to end disease, poverty, war
Posted: January 30, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern
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The U.N. has a plan to make every Miss America Pageant contestant happy by bringing about “world peace.”

All it will take, says the draft of a visionary proposal by the U.N. Development Program, is to getting rid of all the pesky nations of the world.

Full Story ]And for those of you who think this is just panic mongering by WorldNetDaily, here is an alternate LINK.


From the article:

Andrew Simms, director of the New Economics Foundation, said it left unanswered questions over how these markets would be managed and how the benefits and costs would be distributed. “We have nothing against markets so it would be missing the point to get into a pro- or anti-market stance. The point is how you distribute the benefits.”

The point has always been how you distribute the benefits.

What is the relationship between the UN Development Programme
and the rest of the UN? Has it more power than the Security Council, upon which the US has a veto? Has it more power than the General Assembly, made up of pesky nation states?

Perhaps the answer to these questions is to be found at undp.org/about/

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