U.N. says some of its peacekeepers were paying 13-year-olds for sex


NAIROBI — The United Nations has been grappling with so many sexual abuse allegations involving its peacekeepers that Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon recently called them “a cancer in our system.”

Now, officials have learned about what appears to be a fresh scandal. Investigators discovered this month that at least four U.N. peacekeepers in the Central African Republic allegedly paid young girls as little as 50 cents in exchange for sex.

The case is the latest to plague the U.N. mission in the Central African Republic, whose employees have been accused of 22 other incidents of alleged sexual abuse or sexual exploitation in the past 14 months. The most recent accusations come in the wake of Ban’s efforts to implement a “zero tolerance” policy for such offenses.

As the United Nations maintains nine peacekeeping operations in Africa, employing over 100,000 people on the continent, the abuses threaten to erode the organization’s legitimacy. Other sex-crime cases have occurred in Mali, South Sudan, Liberia and Democratic Republic of Congo in recent years.


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And they point the finger at Catholic priests.


Of course, because in their head what they did is not as bad as priests.


I am surprised the UN is even admitting it.


All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel … thats the way the
money goes …Pop goes the weasel!

We pay lots of tax dollars for this too!


For what it’s worth, American troops did the same thing in WW2, Vietnam, etc.

For example, General Clare Chennault set up a brothel in China for AVG pilots–the “Flying Tigers” of lore–staffed with largely underage Chinese prostitutes.

That’s not to excuse such behavior, merely to point out that such unpleasantness follows in the wake of any military deployment.


Why not merely point out the unpleasantness of latrines. You are exposing your ability to honor those who have served our country (I say “our” in case it is your country also. Your
humble “for what it’s worth” isn’t worthwhile.


Sick, just sick!


If you want to make my reply more palatable, and wish it to better “honor those who served our country”, feel free to change “underage Chinese prostitutes” to “adult Chinese prostitutes”. What it lacks in historical truth, it makes up for in inoffensiveness. Problem solved, I guess.


Given that Ireland has a relatively large deployment of troops in the Central African Republic If It turned out that any of our soldiers were involved in this in any way and it was proved I’d want them kicked out of the Defence Forces so hard their bums would bounce 10 miles high.


your sources of historical truth do not meet standards of acceptance.


He didn’t actually cite any sources although it is a sad fact of life that to cite Burroughs civilians are seens as ‘soldiers pay’ especially women.


Conceivably, this could also be said to be something one sees in 3rd world nations unfortunately. I believe they say African female migrants often go to Italy and then, work as prostitutes, so I would likewise, see that angle.


It’s not exactly like there are an exciting range of career options open for them and whichever countries peace keepers this involves it would be no less despicable. The major forces providing the bulk of peace keeping forces there at the minute are France, Poland and Ireland and a few others also provide quite a bit of manpower to that mission.


The quoted article reads:

The United Nations has not publicly released the nationalities of the acccused troops, or provided details of the alleged abuse. But in interviews, U.N. officials said the peacekeepers were from Gabon, Morocco, Burundi and France.



Statistically I’m not surrpised to see France in there as they are providing most of the manpower. Just as I have no time for this engaged in rape gangs or sexual assaults in European cities I have no time for soldiers who disgrace themselves doing so. If soldiers from any nation have been hiring doing this whilst acting as peacekeepers and sufficient evidence is shown to convict them then I would submit they should be stripped or rank and chucked out of their respective armies.


I just figured Ireland or Poland weren’t in there, I thought I heard there was a largely African force policing some of those trouble spots in Africa, I just forget if it is CAR or DRC.


Yes, this kind of thing has been going on for a long time now, and not going to stop anytime soon, as long as there is a demand for it, there will be those ready to supply. I remember reading about certain company executives who would travel for business and take advantage of child sex slaves while in other countries back in the 90s.

Sadly, this is happening more in the US now too, traffickers kidnap a young kid in one city/ state, then move them all around the country, forcing them to engage in prostitution, I believe they use over the road truck drivers to transport the kids, and the kids are too scared to try and escape or fight back, so they just go along with it.

Trying to stop this with law enforcement is useless though, I believe you have to ‘treat’ the demand side of it, rather than just trying to arrest your way out of it, if there is no demand for 12 yo prostitutes, no need for anyone to traffick them…common sense.


The top providers of manpower are, in order:
*]Bangladesh - 8,496
*]Ethiopia - 8,296
*]India - 7,798
*]Pakistan - 7,643
*]Rwanda - 6,077
*]Nepal - 5,344
*]Senegal - 3,475

It’s impossible for a relatively small force (100k) made up of 123 different nationalities to ever be an effective force.

The countries you mentioned are fairly inconsequential in terms of troop volume.
France - 934
Poland - 12
Ireland - 370

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