U.N. Security Council Meeting on Terrorism [Pres Obama Presiding]




With President Obama chairing, U.N. Security Council passes anti-terror resolution targeting foreign fighters.

U.N. Security Council members on Wednesday unanimously approved a draft anti-terror resolution to address the “growing threat” of foreign terrorist fighters.

The resolution requires nations to “suppress the recruiting, organizing,
transporting, equipping” and financing of “foreign terrorist fighters,” U.S. President Barack Obama said.

Foreign fighters heading to conflict zones in the Middle East – including more than 15,000 from more than 80 nations that have gone to Syria, many of them joining terrorist groups – “exacerbate conflicts,” pose a threat to the regions they travel to and threaten to “come home” and carry out deadly attacks there, Obama said.

He added that the resolution “will strengthen cooperation between nations” and calls on them to “help build the capacity of the states on the front lines of the fight.”



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