U.N throwings its pro-abortion weight around


More nations are bowing to pressure from the United Nations to legalize abortion; however, the submission is not voluntary.

Nicaragua and El Salvador are the only two nations in Latin America that refuse to legalize abortion, while 16 have changed their laws. Steven Mosher, president of Population Research Institute, laments the progression.

“The abortionists are on the march around the world with the help of the United Nations, the U.N. Population Fund, and the Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women [CEDAW],” he explains. “They have been promoting the liberalization of abortion laws around the world, continent by continent.”

Mosher believes the citizens of those countries are being ignored. “The people would overwhelmingly vote for life, but the fact is they’re not given a chance to vote,” he asserts.

According to Mosher, the United Nations and organizations associated with it are manipulating the countries into submission. “And so they dictate through the courts. They dictate through legal maneuvers,” he points out. “They dictate [by] withholding financial aid to poor countries.”

He argues that the United Nations should not be permitted to force its will on any country.

Obama Expected to Join Forces with UN in Global Pro-Abortion Agenda


…Obama has in the past spoken out against the so-called Mexico City Policy, which forbids US money from supporting groups overseas that promote or perform abortions. This is a Reagan era policy that was struck down during the Clinton years and resurrected on the first day in office of George W. Bush. No one should be surprised if Obama strikes this down on his first day in office and that US money will begin to flow again to pro-abortion groups overseas.

Obama has spoken out against US refusal to fund the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), a United Nations (UN) agency that promotes population control, fertility reduction, and abortion all over the world. UNFPA helped the Chinese government set up and run its one-child policy, which has resulted in upwards of 100 million abortions, many of them forced or coerced.

A US law called Kemp-Kasten mandates that US money cannot support groups that cooperate in coerced abortions. The US State Department has repeatedly determined that UNFPA is complicit in the coercive policies of the China government and has therefore refused funding for the past eight years. Congress has for many…

This is very scary! I guess we will know shortly.

Things will get far worse before they get better. Specially with baby-killer Obama in charge of the U.S.

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