U. of Notre Dame professor


Discusses Darwinism and Scheonborn:


As an ND fan I am embarrased that such an ignorant article appears on the mainpage.


I don’t see anything necessarily heretical or contrary to Church teaching in this article. Not sure what your problem is, unless I misread something.


He is attacking Christoph Schoenborn, calling him a fundamentalist, ect. The second last paragraph is a direct attack on the Church and an open display of ignorance of Church history (Galileo). Even though he is ignorant of the Catholic interpretation of Genesis, no self-professed Catholic should say that Genesis makes claims that are “false.”


I suppose you’re right, but his claims about Church history and Scripture appear to be more ignorant than malicious. He, like most people, has been grossly misinformed about the Church and Galileo and if he thinks proving geocentrism wrong makes Ecclesiastes, Psalms, and Joshua false…well then he should read over them again. While he should have used better wording when discussing Cardinal Schoenborn, Scripture, and history; his point is well taken in my opinion and seems to be one of genuine concern rather than disrespect. I could be wrong though. God Bless.


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