U.S. anti-abortion groups inspire movement in Europe


U.S. abortion opponents are giving new life to the movement abroad, where once-stagnant European allies are pushing changes that could affect the whole continent.

A younger generation of anti-abortion activists has turned to the United States for legal advice, strategic training and transatlantic inspiration. They credit a distinctly American approach with forcing abortion, long a deeply private issue in Europe, into the public conversation. And for the Americans who travel overseas to assist, strengthening their cause internationally also strengthens their position at home.

“Let’s face it, the world is getting smaller every day,” said Charmaine Yoest, president of Americans United for Life, reached during a week of conferences and events in Rome. Any new abortion rights in Europe would be a “distinct threat to American law,” she said, because they give ammunition to domestic judges looking for an international consensus.



:thumbsup: Bravo!!!

What goes around comes around. The first really big, organized pro life rally I personally witnessed in my life (driven largely by the young and complete with aborted fetus photo boards) was on O’Connell Street in Dublin Ireland in 1992. Completely unexpected and I never forgot it. Huge impact.

That’s what we Christans do, huh? carry our sisters and brothers into truth.


It’s entirely possible that I was there, holding a placard, especially if it was Saturday! :smiley:

How nice to hear that your impression was a positive one; even after so many years.

Jenny x




Pro-life leaders hold international conference in Rome


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