U.S. appeals court: Constitution gives right to carry gun in public


Good news on the civil rights front.


Good news indeed

The ruling by a three-judge panel on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Suprised to see this come from the 9th Circuit


And with stand your ground, if someone pushes me to the ground, I have the right to shoot him/her dead.


Depending on the circumstances, you may very well have the right to resort to lethal force to defend yourself, but if you just choose to let a thug pound on you until the police get there, it’s none of my business…


He doesn’t need to be pounding on me. Haven’t you seen the video of the most recent case?


That’s horrible. The shooter was apparently harassing the mother of his children.


Yes I have. I think is a gross misapplication of Stand Your Ground, based on the video, and assuming no verbal threats were made. The man he shot was clearly turning to walk away.


Yes, and without audio the what the tape shows is ambiguous enough that the prosecutors didn’t think they could get a conviction.

Even if so, this doesn’t give him the right to violently shove the man into the street. If the man had hit his head, he could have been killed instead.

I saw it as the “victim” turning his body to present a smaller target, which is what an experienced fighter would do. If I was trying to appear not threatening, I would have raised my hands, palms out, and slowly backed away, but that’s me.


Yes, a smaller target for a gun and backing away. Definitely not “pounding”: on the shooter.


This is basic, but not surprisingly the federal and state legislative bodies and judiciary have long gotten this wrong. I mean the first amendment doesn’t only apply in the privacy of your home. Certainly the courts invented right to abortion or same sex marriage don’t apply only in the privacy of your own home.


The man in the video who was shot started the violence. So what is your issue with not charging the man who was the victim of unprovoked violence that resulted in him being on the ground and at serious risk of injury?


Yes. Makes me wonder if the sheriff is using this as a political tool to try to get the law changed. I don’t know that to be the case, and I have no evidence of that other than the egregiousness (sp?) of his decision here.


Kind of interesting. In my state, it has always been legal to carry a gun on your hip if you choose to do it. Or so I understand. I always sort of wanted to do that just to do it. I just never did. I have seen people do it, though.

And, of course, rifles in the back windows of pickups are pervasive.


A lot of sheriff’s hate citizens having guns and protecting themselves. It makes them look bad and threatens their protection racket. Our local sheriff is like that.

But the call of whether to prosecute is, unfortunately, left up to the local prosecutor. It would be nice if it were like the old days where a citizen could go and present a case to the grand jury. But the professional justice class has done away with that to consolidate their power.


I don’t think a push to the ground warrants a fatal shooting. Sure, take out the gun. At that point the aggressor began to turn and step away. Regardless of what he might have said, he was in retreat and got shot dead anyway. Where is our respect for life?


There is a difference in what I would like to see happen and what is justified. I agree I’d not like for a push to the ground to result in someone dead. But initiating violence against someone is very serious. Pushing someone to the ground is very serious. The victim is especially vulnerable. The victim might have other factors making him more vulnerable such as age or physical limitations. A man on the ground is very much susceptible to serious injury. And a threat can close a distance very quickly. When a man walks up to you and immediately shoves you to the ground I’d consider that man extremely dangerous and be in fear of what else he might do.


So you argue this shooting is justified?


Boy…what a sick society this is…I was a teenager/adult back in the sixties…anyone pushed you around you pushed back…get into a fight in a bar and you might have ended up having a beer with your adversary after you all calmed down…happened like that with me a few times …now you push someone and they pull out a gun and kill you because they felt “threatened”…like I said…what a sick society this is…and some people think it’s justified…and they call themselves Christians…pffftt


I don’t know enough to judge, nor likely does anyone else. The video isn’t enough information. I do think the shooting could be justified.


Um, I don’t care what time period if someone comes up to you and shoves you to the ground they are a violent criminal. I’d be very wary of my life around such a person. They lack impulse control.

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