U.S. appeals court: Trump ‘sanctuary cities’ order is illegal


The Trump administration’s attempts to punish sanctuary cities by withholding federal money is unconstitutional, an appeals court ruled Wednesday — but it narrowed the ruling to only apply to some California cities.
That means the administration could be free to apply the conditions to communities across the country that haven’t been part of sanctuary lawsuits.

The 2-1 ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is the latest skirmish in an 18-month battle between President Trump and a growing number of jurisdictions that try to shield their illegal immigrant residents from federal immigration enforcement efforts.


Isn’t that similar to a ruling that forbid withholding government funds from states that didn’t participate in some part of ACA?


Sanctuary cities shouldn’t be allowed in the first place.


Shouldn’t it be up to the states, not the feds?


No. We got along fine without them before. We don’t need them now.


They’ve been around since the 80’s.

Of course, historically, they probably go back along as cities have existed.


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