U.S. Army lectured soldiers on dangers of ‘white privilege’


Washington Times:

U.S. Army lectured soldiers on dangers of ‘white privilege’

Soldiers in the U.S. Army were subjected to a presentation on “white privilege” last April, during which they were told that American society “attaches privilege to being white and male and heterosexual” and were told it was their job to do something about it.Documents obtained from the Army through a Freedom of Information Action request made by Judicial Watch revealed a “Power and Privilege” PowerPoint slideshow included in a diversity training briefing that was presented to 400 soldiers in the 67th Signal Battalion at Fort Gordon in April 2015.

The slideshow informed soldiers that “Privilege exists when one group has something of value that is denied to others simply because of the groups they belong to, rather than because of anything they’ve done or failed to do. Privilege has become one of those loaded words we need to reclaim so that we can use it to name and illuminate the truth.”
Soldiers were also taught that such privilege results in a “yawning divide in levels of income, wealth, dignity, safety, health and quality of life [and] promotes fear, suspicion, discrimination, harassment, and violence.”

The slideshow described a hypothetical story about an African woman to demonstrate how the United States is “organized according to race.”
“Consider the ‘black woman’ in Africa who has not experienced white racism and does not identify herself as a ‘black woman.’ African, a woman, but not black. She only became ‘black’ when she came to the U.S. where privilege is organized according to race, where she is assigned to a social category that bears that name, and she is treated differently as a result,” the slideshow read.
Then the slideshow instructed “privileged” soldiers it was their responsibility to do something about the issue.


This administration and the girl scouts leading it, have done more damage to our military than I ever imagined it could.

Our military has a deadly mission, and it needs the warrior spirit, not frat house PC nonsense. It is not academia, and its not the state University. There is no room in this institution for brain washing, adolescent, “black lives matter” indoctrination. Blacks and whites have to fight shoulder-to-shoulder andthey have to have each others backs. This is the wrong place to inject artificial racism. Here, it can cost lives…:mad:


White privelage is BS.

We whites have to work for our daily bread just like everybody else.

Do cops discriminate? Or do they just follow the crime rates? And yes, cops will arrest more blacks than whites in DOMINANTLY black cities. Naturally.

Is everybody a racist patriarch? LOL.

Reminds me of Hitler’s soldiers, being lectured on the Judeo-Communist Conspiracy. They did not see themselves as racist, they saw themselves as rescuing the whole world from the clutches of the racist Jews.

Oh how history repeats itself.


“Diversity Training” has become increasingly doctrinaire, obtrusive, and propagandistic since I first experienced it at the office some decades ago. Now it is more akin to brainwashing.


And here I thought the job of soldiers was to kill people and break things.:shrug:


Apparently their job is just to eliminate white privilege.


The Military also classifies “Anti-Abortion Extremists or Christian Extremists” as terrorist groups…so…


But the military is in many ways like a frat house. The reality of the military is a lot of hard drinking, sex, and loose living. Military towns are notoriously bad places. They often have lots of strip clubs, liquor stores and pawn shops. They often have lots of crime. They are not nice places. This is not to say there is not men of virtue in the military. But as a whole it is not such a nice thing.

As for indoctrination That is what the military relies on. It needs young men who are easily fooled into truly believing that the guy he is fighting is less then he is. It needs men who believe that the man ordering him to go die fighting is doing so for some high principle and not for base reasons like wealth and power.

The military is the ultimate political tool. In our society politics means White bashing. The military is going to reflect that just like it is promoting homosexuality now. The military follows the politics. Conservatives promoting the military are ultimately working against their own purposes. But there never was anything conservative about an organization whose purpose is to destroy life and property.


I don’t know whether to laugh or to be disappointed.


If you are a white, I’d be worried. Society continues to turn against you.

If you are nonwhite, I’d still be worried. Only more racial tension and misunderstanding can follow.


An interesting post. I agree with everything you said about the military in the current world. However, I disagree that a military in a theoretical world is at all a bad thing. Good post though.


“White privilege” is a crock.

Who is more privileged, the son of a black university professor who went from Phillips Exeter to Yale, or the son of a white hillbilly who went from 11th grade at Seneca, Mo high school to pulling the insides out of chickens at Simmons poultry plant?

There are all kinds of privileges in the U.S. and elsewhere. There’s “where you were born” privilege, there’s “educated parents” privilege, there’s “speaking good English” privilege, there’s “being educated” privilege, there’s “inhereited money” privilege, even “good looking” privilege.

But just for being white? Hardly. One who believes in it should watch the movie “Winter’s Bone” and then try to make a case for the characters’ being the beneficiaries of “white privilege”.


More evidence that liberalism is a religion. White Privilege is “original sin”. You are born a racist and all you can do about it is acknowledge it and ask for forgiveness.


And climate change.


Don’t forget homophobia.


It is time to accept that our government is anti-white.

In this day and age, anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

What is funny though is that they don’t even use the whole “racism” smoke screen, they cut right to the chase. They don’t like whites.


Are you serious?

The history of the phrase “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” is instructive. It originates with a nasty character named Robert Whitaker, who penned a screed known as “the Mantra,” from which the “anti-racist…” line is taken.

He runs a cesspool of a website called the White Genocide Project. I won’t link to it here.

His followers delight in posting this phrase, and others from “the Mantra,” all over the internet.

I’m saddened to see it here. I really am.


Thanks. I agree that the military is not necessarily a bad thing. Certainly defensive war creates a legitimate need for the military. And the military can act better or worse. Christianity certainly had a positive impact on war.

You are committing the genetic fallacy. Just because someone may have invented a phrase, though I wouldn’t concede that point because I’ve not heard of the man you mention, doesn’t invalidate the idea. Lots of other groups insist certain phrases are code words. While I think that can be too broadly applied I wouldn’t dismiss it as having no truth. Why can’t the same be true here?

As a kid I had the misfortune of listening to a racism ‘expert’. I asked this woman if Blacks could be racist. She told me no, only Whites could be. So I can absolutely tell you that some folks do think of anti-racism as being anti-white since they think only Whites can be racist.


The Army has apologized for this and says the instructor included it in the presentation without poermission



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