U.S. Army major: Lose evangelical Christian beliefs

A research paper written by a U.S. Army major for the School of Advanced Military Studies in Fort Leavenworth, Kan., calls for Americans to lose the evangelical Christian belief of pre-millennialism because of the damage it does to the nation’s foreign interests.

it’s about time the fundametalist error of pre-millennialism is addressed by the military–it largely explains our historical support of israel to the detrement of catholic palistinians.

The article in WND takes a dim view of the major’s research paper. But it certainly seems true that the U.S. should not take millennial or apocalyptic religious views as determinants of foreign or military policy. That policy must be based on realistic assessment of U.S. interests, even when it comes to allies such as Israel. It is true that Israel is our ally in the middle east, and a valuable one, but that has nothing to do with divine election.

And what about when someone from the army says that we should loose our belief in Christ, because that gets us in trouble with the Muslims, or it causes us to maintain what is known as morals? The government has no place to tell us what to and what not to believe. On the other hand, I believe this is more the major’s personal opinion than an official statement from the army, and therefore, not all that notable.

Not long ago a U.S. Army major and psychiatrist went on a shooting spree and then shot himself.

Yeah, we need to listen more seriously to those Army majors.

They should understand that evangelicals for whom God equals country are the skeletal system of today’s military.

I don’t think the major is suggesting that Evangelicals must give up their faith (although I haven’t read the full paper), just that evangelical (nor Catholic) faith, can form the basis of national military policy. In any case, we are in trouble with Muslims allegedly for our foreign policy, not our faith. And Islamic extremists do make their version of their own faith the basis of their foreign policy, and that’s not a realistic policy.

That terrorist did not shoot himself he was shot by civilian Fort Hood law enforcement officers.

And if he wrote a paper stating the oppisite of what he wrote. You would be here praising the army majors. And tellingus how great they all are.

So… What are you trying to say? If we don’t listen to them, they’ll go psychotic and kill people?:rolleyes:

I agree with you. Pre-millienialism is a policy that the United States seems to have adopted long ago. We seem to support Israel unquestionably. We shouldn’t. The Palestinians deserve to be treated with some more respect. I say this because of the Palestinian Catholics. If you ask me, Israel is full of war criminals.

New Oxford Review made the same point a few years back. This Evangelical heresy is not doing Israel or the US any favors.

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