U.S. bill seeks to rescue faltering newspapers


I don’t like this. Let the liberal media fail. This is my view, our nations news papers aren’t objective enough to qualify as public education material. People don’t buy a news paper bc there is no need to. You can get all the news you want for free on the net.

I am the fist generation of my family that probably won’t ever buy a news paper bc all of the information is online for free. It seems like these news papers will have to fail.

This is as predictable the Congress somehow reviving the euphemistically named “Fairness Doctrine”/

I rarely buy a newspaper.I was getting aggravated at some of the things that were being said and i wasn’t always getting my replies published.An acquaintance told me that about
20% of responses are acknowledged.I have had letters published but it does not seem like 20%.It seems like more prominence is given to the views of those who think the same way as the Editor.However,i do feel sorry for the ordinary workers like van drivers who are not concerned with what is printed in the paper.

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