U.S. Bishops Struggle to Follow Lead of Francis [NYT]

Nov 11, '14 10:00 pm

static01.nyt.com/images/2014/11/12/us/12BISHOPS2/12BISHOPS2-thumbStandard.jpgAmerican bishops say they can feel change rattling the church hierarchy even if they do not yet understand where the pope is leading them.

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All the change makes me really uneasy…but I guess I will just have to stay faithful to the Spirit’s lead…

Pray for Francis to stay focussed: The poor the poor the poor. Also, church must concentrate on 1. Evangelism
2. Christian Education for adults who are in the church.
3. Loving, helping and reeling in the down and out. ie. The poor, the poor the poor…

Exactly. Francis has done nothing BAD, but he needs to do more various GOOD…I mean we SHOULD be loving and accepting, but we GET THAT MESSAGE FROM THE CULTURE already, we need from the Church what the culture DOESNT offer.l

Maybe the Bishops can lead Francis. America has problems with refugees, refugees, refugees…homeless…Ft. Lauderdale arrests folks who feed homeless… We need more kindness in this country, Bishops should make call to ACTION…:highprayer:

If American bishops are struggling to understand the pope’s lead, where exactly does that leave the faithful?

Another question…while orthodox Catholics are told to put life issues on a “back-burner” why is illegal immigration (a purely political issue as to methodology) still in the fore-front?

This article is more an opinion piece by the New York Times, and less news. There are very few quotes, and what quotes are there are “middle of the road.”

My advice: ignore 99% of what the New York Times says about anything Catholic.

:thumbsup: There have been several similar articles over the last few days coinciding with the USCCB semi-annual meeting. The main thing we can see from these opinion pieces is how little the writers know about the Church and even less about the function of a bishops conference.

Nothing, absolutely nothing: the poor, evangelization, education will ever have their needs addressed unless something is done to restore the sacred in our liturgy.

It may not be obvious, but above all—even helping the poor—the liturgy, especially the Mass, is priority. Until we revitalize our sacred worship, all other efforts will be in vain.


FWIW, it was Vatican II’s top priority. And what we have is nothing resembling what it called for.

Well…to a certain degree. I agree that nothing in the church will be done until this happens, but lots can be done out in the world meanwhile. e.i., pro life fight, evangelization, service, and lots can be done in personal lives, e.i. personal purity, holiness, sanctity.

But your right, the Church needs to restore tradition. But there is still work to do meanwhile, especially because we know Francis wont restore anything, so we might as well not sit on our behinds waiting.


EXACTLY! The modernists are NOT the Vatican 2 church. The ORTHODOX are the Vatican 2 church.

Well, nothing much has really changed, at this point, except as a matter of tone. At least we’re not living through another Arian controversy!

I am very disillusioned with Pope Francis, to be honest, especially after the splendid pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI. I don’t believe the Church will end up accomplishing anything Pope Francis currently envisions and while I don’t mean any disrespect, I also don’t believe he has his priorities straight. As far as I’m concerned, he’s the successor of Peter, Vicar of Christ, and the seat of unity and communion. That’s it.

And all those things you mention: pro-life, evangelization, catechesis, service, etc? All those efforts will be for naught until our worship is revitalized. We may be successful here and there, but as a whole, we won’t succeed until we get our liturgical worship back on track. I’m not talking about a wholesale rollback to 1962. But even bringing the same level of attention and sacredness to the Ordinary Form as they do with the Extraordinary Form would be a great help.

Much speculation on the NYTs part-very little substance to back up their speculation. At some point the MM will realize the Pope really is Catholic and they will turn on him. Until then they will amuse themselves with fantasies that he is about to embrace homosexuality, female ordination and the whole plethora of the Liberal agenda that has tainted the denominations of so many of our Separated brethren

true! I agree! But, before that can be done on a universal scale, we must EVANGELIZE people and revitalize the worship on a personal level. Then sacredness can return to desolate parishes, dioceses, and sacredness will fill the universal church. But we must evangelize to people, mainly other Catholics, and help them with the Mass, its reverence, and its deep deep meaning and power.

That’s why I pray the Liturgy of the Hours every day and attend the EF or the Ordinariate Use. If the Church is going to be ineffective during this pontificate, then at least I and whatever militia I could assemble (i.e. parish, prayer groups, catechetical groups) can be successful on our respective fronts.

EXACTLY!! :thumbsup:

That is the right attitude to have!!!

Some argue about Rome, but that causes Divison. Better, just dont look at Rome when it is ineffective. And as you said, become an effective warrior and evangelist. And raise up a faithful army to continue the true faith and mission in the world.

Also, what is the Ordinariate Use?

The Ordinariate Use is a beautiful form of the Roman Rite recently approved by Rome for the Ordinariates established by Pope Benedict XVI for former Anglicans. It’s exclusively in Tudor English and contains elements of the Book of Common Prayer, appropriately selected and corrected where needed (the Summary of the Law, the Collect for Purity, the Comfortable Words, the Anglican Penitential Rite, the Intercessions, the Prayer of Humble Access and the Thanksgiving). It also retains elements of the traditional Roman Mass, at least as options, including the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, the older Offertory prayers, and the Last Gospel. I’m blessed to live in the Calgary area, where the first Ordinariate parish in Canada was established.

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