U.S. Bishops: ‘We Are Shamed’ by Sins, Omissions of Catholic Priests, Bishops


In the wake of the Cardinal McCarrick scandal (now ex-Cardinal but ontologically since his ordination, forever a Bishop) . . .

U.S. Bishops: ‘We Are Shamed’ by Sins, Omissions of Catholic Priests, Bishops

Thomas D. Williams 14 Aug 2018

The leadership of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) issued a statement Tuesday in response to a report by the Pennsylvania grand jury on clerical sex abuse.

“The report of the Pennsylvania grand jury again illustrates the pain of those who have been victims of the crime of sexual abuse by individual members of our clergy, and by those who shielded abusers and so facilitated an evil that continued for years or even decades,” said Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo of Galveston-Houston, president of the USCCB, and Bishop Timothy L. Doherty of Lafayette in a joint statement. . . .

. . . A prior comprehensive investigation into clergy sex abuse resulted in the 2004 John Jay report, which found that over 80 percent of abuse was committed against male victims, which has been used to underscore the predominantly homosexual nature of the clerical abuse crisis.

In its 2011 follow-up report, the John Jay College Research Team found that same-sex sexual behavior in the seminary “was significantly related to the increased likelihood of a male child victim.” . . .

. . . "We pledge to maintain transparency and to provide for the permanent removal of offenders . . .

(Bold mine)

This is the second time we have heard this since 2002.

Something has got to change.

I have great respect for Karl Keating’s opinions (the founder of Catholic Answers).

In the next post, I will quote a FaceBook post of his, to help guide us as lay people as Karl’s wise input is always well thought out.


(From Karl Keating’s Facebook page with some minor formatting mine)

Karl Keating

August 6th, 2018


Last night I finished reading Graham Greene’s “The Tenth Man.” The story begins with German guards telling prisoners that one in ten would be killed in the morning in retaliation for German soldiers having been killed in the nearby town.

The title and story make me think that a good way to start the cleansing of the Church in America would be for every tenth bishop to resign (or to be booted out).

Since there are almost 300 bishops in the U.S., that would mean about 30 resignations or bootings.

The term “decimate” comes from Roman times.

If a military unit had been guilty of a serious offense, such as mutiny, it was punished by killing every tenth soldier, the survivors thereafter likely being more obedient.

In more recent times “decimate” has come to have a softer meaning, but it still connotes getting rid of a tenth of something.

I think it would be good if we got rid of a tenth of our bishops.

As a start. It wouldn’t be difficult to come up with a list of 30 American bishops who deserves to get the heave-ho.

There are some, such as the entirely unlamented Theodore McCarrick, who, with moral certitude, are guilty of serious offenses. They top the list.

There are far more who either knew or should have known what the likes of McCarrick were up to. They covered up, either intentionally or negligently.

If intentionally, then we can say they were complicit in the moral crimes of the McCarricks and deserve to go.

If negligently, then we can say that, out of incompetence, they shouldn’t be permitted to exercise any level of authority higher than that of an assistant manager at a burger joint.

They equally need to go. (I realize that there no doubt are far more than 30 bishops who fall into these two categories.)

Concurrent with this initial cleansing effort I’d like to see a national investigatory panel that has full “subpoena” powers.

By that I mean that no diocesan file would be outside its reach.

The panel would consist entirely of laymen, with a few priests–such as from the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars–serving as outside consultants.

No bishop would be permitted to serve on the panel, since the bishops would be the chief objects of investigation.

But bishops and priests would be obligated to testify before the panel, as the panel deems necessary.

In all instances in which the panel determines that there has been substantial grounds to believe that a bishop or priest has been a predator, the investigatory files would be made public, with necessary redactions of private information about the victims, if the victims so choose.

And, in these cases, the offending bishops and priests would be laicized.


1/2 . . .

New Allegations Surface Regarding Archbishop McCarrick and Newark Priests
The Pope is on the victims’ side-L'Osservatore Romano

2/2 . . .

Karl Keating’s Facebook post continued from my last post . . . .


It is said that a third of the angels in heaven were “swept to the earth” (Rev. 12:4).

Maybe that would be a necessary proportion to aim for: a third of the American bishops being swept out of positions of authority, some of them being laicized, all of them being made into ecclesiastical non-persons.

Given not just the last month’s revelations but what we’ve known and suspected for years, that’s probably what it would take to clean up the Church in this country, but at least let’s start with a decimation.

New Allegations Surface Regarding Archbishop McCarrick and Newark Priests

. . . to simplify matters, I have compiled a list of the people who have the authority necessary both to demand the bishops’ testimony and, if necessary, to require their resignations:

  • The Bishop of Rome


It seems Lawler assumes Keating does not include Pope Francis in this commissioning of this lay review board.

I cannot speak for Karl, but I suspect Karl understands this need (for the Pope to be involved) and assumes Pope Francis’ involvement in commissioning a lay review board?

Lawler’s insights are also worth considering (regarding suggestions to stop these problems from re-occurring). Especially with Lawler drawing upon the insights of Bishop Edward Scharfenberger here.


lets ramp up the panic, the media sensationalism, the blame game.

this is the 4th thread today now.

we are Catholic, we do not decimate anyone, let alone those holy guiltless men in the service of God and us


Roseeurekacross . . .

we do not decimate anyone

Please go back and read what Mr. Keating said (it sounds like you did not read it, from your comment).

He is talking about “deca” in terms of a “tenth” and he thinks at least “a tenth” of the bishops are complicit enough where consideration of stepping down would be reasonable.

That’s all.

Nothing nefarious in that opinion.

There is a lot of new things being publicized regarding issues within the seminaries.

Something different needs to be carried out this time compared to 2002 (likely it will be led by the Pope himself this time instead of a Dallas Charter where Bishops exempted themselves).

The U.S. Bishops themselves have just said something has to be done differently.

Why not just take them at their word in this regard?


that is what I am quoting


that is what I am quoting


Now keep reading and you will see what Mr. Keating means.


lets ramp up the panic, the media sensationalism, the blame game.

The U.S. Bishops themselves are not saying anything like this.

These issues need to be looked at transparently.

This was only partially done in 2002.


are you aware of the Australian experience? You guys need the same sort of enquiry.

why hasn’t that happened yet. who is blocking it in government. Not a Catholic enquiry, a government enquiry. That encompasses all religions


Roseeurekacross . . .

are you aware of the Australian experience? You guys need the same sort of enquiry.

Only partially Roseeurekacross.

I am sure we would be willing to listen to your wisdom though. (You here on CAF at least speaking for myself and Australia as a whole too)

There are some pretty big changes coming here in the USA.

I have no idea what this will all entail, but Catholics everywhere in this country are watching.


its not my wisdom, its the Australian experience, it encompassed all religions, and found issues in everyone. As a result perpetrators and those doing cover ups are being , or have been convicted.

I pray you guys catch up, We now have one Archbishop convicted of cover up and serving time, he won’t be the last, and all this, in all countries, is a result of what can happen to the clergy or anyone, who perpetrates or covers these crimes up.

we have priests , religious and laity serving jail time for perpetrating crimes that others covered up

but unfortunately, as I believe what is happening in your media today, gets whipped up here too.
anti catholic rhetoric, such that its destroying the remnant church.
and that is also an act of evil, an act of satan.


its not my wisdom

Yes but you can share your insight from “The Australian Experience” right here on CAF.

It looks like America will be having a national discussion on this issue here that in essence has already begun.


The First Amendment. And a lot of political conservatives who cry for religious liberty. A government inquiry is highly unlikely.


anti catholic rhetoric

(From our media)

Don’t I know it.

I have belonged to the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights for years.

Anti-Catholic media IS a problem. (But it would be a mistake to think they get EVERYTHING wrong. I know YOU are not saying this. I just bring it up because there will be lurkers here reading. For their benefit.)


lol where do I start. wait for our Cardinal to go on trial. but for now, things have quietened down.
My diocese is a ground zero for the goings on with child abuse historically.
we are learning through this experience,
The national discussion is very anti catholic, anti religion.

the news is not correctly reported. I have been there when news crews have been covering events and interviewing people on it, and so much is left out. to create a good story. Just yesterday the Archbishop was sentenced to prison time in home detention. A survivor of abuse tackled him, verbally, he did not respond. The survivor then tackled one of his entourage. The survivor was incredibly abusive and rude, to the catholic church and the entourage and archbishop, , one of the entourage replied with a very stupid in the heat of the moment comment. after being told by the survivor to get into it right there in a confrontational way. What was reported in the media? none of the abusive verbal attack by the survivor. only how bad and disgusting the catholic church are because one member of one entourage reacted in anger.

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