U.S. Catholic Bishop: Rhode Islanders Can Write in Mother Teresa When Voting to Send Signal on Abortion Issue


see www.startribune.com/politics/national/279318602.html
Since both candidates for governor support abortion, the leader of Rhode Island Catholics suggested a voter could write in the saint’s name, after a parishioner asked him what she should do, since the candidate she favored supports abortion and gay marriage. (He also suggested people don’t have to vote for a particular office, or can vote for a candidate who seems the lesser of two evils.)


Would be kinda interesting to see ‘Mother Teresa wins Rhode Island Election’ on the news.


Tobin called it a “pathetic spectacle” when Catholic candidates “choose” Planned Parenthood over the church.

Well said by His Excellency! :thumbsup:


Idk, I don’t think that the bishop’s advice was all that sound. As voters, we have a duty to our state and its citizens. If the only candidates are pro-choice, RI still has 1.052 million **living ** people whose needs must be addressed. I’m sorry, but Mother Teresa isn’t going to help you when you want to complain about your property taxes. Just my :twocents:


That would be a wasted vote. We are told if both are bad then vote for the less bad. After the person gets elected write to him about your concerns. If you voted for the person you may have some influence over him or her.


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