U.S. Catholic Magazine

I just got a letter in the mail offering the US Catholic magazine for only $12.00 for the year. Is this a good magazine? It won’t lead me to the wide road to hell, will it?:confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

I fell for a similar offer 20ish years ago. They might have changed editorial stance since then, but I have no reason to believe so.

Would you rather be a U.S. Catholic, or a Catholic in the U.S.? (Guess which they prefer, based on the title).


Using the same logic would tend to impeach “NATIONAL Catholic Register,” which I believe to be very conservative and faithful. I think playing “implication games” with the publication’s title sidesteps the more fundamental question of that the editorials and articles actually say.

Oh, I don’t condemn it for the name. I judged based on the year’s subscription I took out – It was a stinker.

Apologies for having expressed myself poorly.


My subscription just expired this month and I think it was a good magazine. I am not renewing at this time cause I don’t have enough time to read the other 7 periodicals that I subscribe to…
**National Catholic Register
**Catholic Digest
**Our Sunday Visitor
**St. Anthony Messenger
**Faith & Family
**Texas Catholic


I haven’t picked up a copy of U.S. Catholic in some time. They used to be firmly on the liberal left of the spectrum in the same class of National Catholic Reporter, Commonweal, and similar such publications. They had something of worth to offer for understanding this perspective, as well as for more experiencial reflection and human aspect thoughtfulness, they promoted social justice concerns and even were instrumental in getting the cause for canonization of Dorothy Day started about a decade ago. But neither has it been a place for the most solid of Catholic instruction in the faith. Or, as one commentator mentioned to me some years back, “They might as well just give 'em rat poison and get it over with!”

Yes, it will. At least if you believe all the garbage they print. :frowning: Pretty sad they still call themselves Catholic if you ask me.

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