U.S. Catholics' Satisfaction with Bishops Up to 70%

U.S. Catholics’ satisfaction with bishops leaped from 51 to 70 percent in the last decade, according to the Pew Forum. That’s impressive, though it is hard to imagine a lower point than 2002, when Catholics saw a flood of news on clerical sexual abuse of minors. To copy Queen Elizabeth’s description of 1992, when one of her sons divorced and Windsor Castle erupted in flames, 2002 was the church’s Annus Horribilis.http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/headlinebistro_complete/~4/5oczGEf0nlU


I’m quite surprised to tell you the truth.

Even if their approval rating was 0% it wouldn’t matter. The Church is not a democracy.

51% to 70%

Too bad it’s not the faithful that have changed much nor have the bishops; mostly it’s the focus of the current issues.

You can bet the bulk media is going to do all it can to focus the attention on Obama’s winning issues and narratives.

Political narrative - set of facts individually true that paint a false picture when put together.
E.g. Kerry is a decorated Vet of Vietnam + Vets are strong on defense = Kerry would strengthen Military defense as President.

Woo hoo! That’s a **passin’ grade! **

  • (A ‘D’ is passin’, right) ?*

When did Catholics start voting on their leaders? Isn’t that a Protestant thing?

:mad:Sorry Pastor, we voted you OUT! :eek:

JUST noticed the headline said UP to 70%.

Wonder WHAT the Bishops did now?

:juggle: :tiphat::hypno::newidea: < (They’re 70 % satisfied, diverse and*** modern !*** )
** “Praise GOD!”**

Actually it’s a C-

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