U.S. Court: National Day of Prayer is Unconstitutional

U.S. Court: National Day of Prayer is Unconstitutional


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I don’t know which is worse, Pres. Obama declaring a national day of prayer or his attending the breakfast and speaking at it, or both.

The declaration is simply a formality which would have little effect in future years, except to solidify the resolve of the participants to conduct the day of observance, under their constitutional rights to assemble and to do so.

If this judge’s ruling stands, then Thanksgiving is next.

While religion, in almost every aspect, is being stripped from public schools, I am edified that public libraries still have ample sections with books on religion.

It is of little matter to me, that rulings prohibit display of the Ten Commandments on public property. It grieves me that I don’t see displays of the Ten Commandments on PRIVATE property, which is constitutionally protected.

You know, I don’t think it would hurt to see a commandment published each Sunday in an ad in the local newspaper, either. It might be inspirational to some to be reminded of this God-given law. Yes, and bill boards are optional there, too.

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