U.S. court rejects religious objection to Obamacare contraception deal

(Reuters) - In a win for the Obama administration on insurance coverage for contraception under Obamacare, a U.S. appeals court on Friday ruled that Catholic non-profit groups’ religious rights were not violated by a compromise already achieved on the volatile issue.

Catholic groups had sued over the compromise, saying they should not have to pay for or facilitate access to contraception or abortion, but a judge wrote in the ruling that under the compromise, “the regulations do not compel them to do that.”

Handed down by a three-judge panel of the District of Columbia Circuit, the unanimous decision is the third by an appeals court to rule in favor of the government. The issue could yet be decided by the Supreme Court.


In the past, the United States government granted a religious exemption to American Indians. But they don’t want to do it for us Catholics. It’s inconsistent.

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