U.S. Courts Split on Obamacare Aid for U.S. Exchanges


Financial aid to buy health insurance under President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul can be provided to people using the federal as well as state-run marketplaces, a U.S. appeals court in Virginia ruled, hours after a sister court in Washington reached the opposite conclusion.

The court, preserving a key element of the administration’s plan, turned aside the argument of Obamacare opponents that Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act only allows assistance for buyers on the state exchanges, who represent fewer than half of those who bought health-care coverage under the plan.

The ruling, which upholds a lower court, is the third decision affirming the Obama administration’s contention that tax credits are intended for customers of state and federal exchanges alike.



They should just rule the law invalid.


And then what?

I agree that Obamacare is a disaster. Never should have happened. The Nancy Pelosi quote about needing to pass the bill in order to see what’s in it should have been a clue. However, now that we have it and it’s been limping along for several months, what do you think would happen if it was suddenly ruled invalid? What would happen to the people who have gotten subsidies for the past seven months? Would they have to pay the subsidies back? Would they be stuck with their now outrageously expensive insurance premiums? I bet most of them would be forced to drop their insurance altogether.

I agree that, eventually, Obamacare has to go. But before we just throw millions of people under the bus, we need something to replace it. Our healthcare system was horribly broken before Obamacare. If it suddenly disappeared, we’d be right back where we were, but with much higher insurance premiums.


Why is it bad for the Federal Government to help people with low incomes to purchase health insurance they can afford ? :shrug:



Witness the last four plus years since it passed, and the last nine months in particular. With anywhere between 5000 and 20000 pages of regulations, if not more, it is a many headed hydra that reaches everywhere. No amount of good intentions can justify unleashing its unpredictable side effects on this country.


I have insurance through the ACA. Do you ?




Sorry folks, but we needed to change our health care system. We need to change our attitudes about caring for the sick in general. As far as I am concerned everyone should be able to get care when needed, and our taxes or a single payer option should get that done. The notion that people have to go without care because of money or pre-existing conditions is barbaric.

As far as care issues related to faith based choices, those of faith should make their choices and let others make theirs. God gives us free will and we should probably mind our business in other people’s choices related to birth control and even abortion.

And no, I am not for abortion. But I have said it before, either be a source of housing, clothing and medical assistance to a woman considering an abortion or hush. Give them a place to go and the help they need and you will save lives. Preach and give a list of rules that you may not even be living by yourself and you won’t.


Are you asking if I am a new enrollee, or am I covered by Medicaid, Medicare, Employer, Other Public, or Individual? I am covered by the Employer option.


As it stands, the law does nothing about health care. It simply mandates that everyone have insurance, including coverage for totally unnecessary items. For example, why do I - as a single man - have to pay for pregnancy coverage? Whether or not a particular doctor, hospital, or clinic accepts that insurance is still at their discretion.


What options do employers have? If anything remove their burdens and let them run their businesses.


It’s generally the case.

Those with health-care coverage, oppose the ACA which is for those who do not have employer coverage, nor qualify for a government program.

It’s a hooray for me the hell with everyone else mentality.



We didn’t need this change. Not all change is good. In fact, this change does nothing but create a house of cards that will inevitably collapse.

What we needed to fix the high costs of health care, not gloss over the real problem with a bandaid solution that will need fixed again in a few years. Health care costs will continue to rise, which means insurance premiums will continue to rise.


You might want to reel that self righteous victim-hood thing back a few notches. You don’t know me, so next time you walk through my head, please wipe your feet first.


I agree.


Just going by what you posted.

No amount of good intentions can justify unleashing its unpredictable side effects on this country.

Your victim-hood statement also kinda confirms the attitude.

I’m not trying to offend here, but it’s the case that many who have access to health insurance or some government option, have no experience not having any, and for some reason oppose the ACA where those who are now on it, like it and see it as a life-saver.



So would you support a single-payer universal health care system, where employers don’t have to bother with providing health insurance for their employees ?

I’m all for it. :thumbsup:



Unless you are a mind reader or clairvoyant, your “access” to other peoples motivations or experience is zero. Feel free to share your own experience, but don’t share what you don’t know; its makes you appear to be less thoughtful than you are.


Many of us without insurance also oppose the ACA.


I tend to agree. It was such a heavily compomised bill very few got what they wanted. But undoing it at this point can’t be done overnight, if nothing else, because the actuaries will need to go back to a new drawing board and spend a few years capturing new data.


There is a lot of truth to this. I think we’re going to be surprised to learn (probably after the 2014 election) how many small employers dumped their employee health coverage, which cost the public nothing, and told their employees to go to the Obamacare website to get coverage at public expense.

It will hit sometime after the election because many employers renewed their non-Obama mandate policies during the “renewal window” period that ended in late 2013, while they could still do it.

I think the cost of this to the government is going to be astronomical and ridden with fraud. A person who flatly lies about his eligibility has a “cap” on his penalty that is usually much less than what he would pay for Obamacare coverage if he told the truth. I am guessing there is no possibility whatever that the government will ever fix it.

I think we’ll be surprised, too, at how this affects small business in other ways. If one is not subsidized, his premiums are huge. Obamacare is fundamentally a transfer of income from one segment of the middle class to another segment of the middle class. And the ones most severely penalized are not “the rich” at all, but people in the middle to upper ranges of the middle class.

Personally, I think it’s going to be a terrible mess when it hits full bore, which is why they put off so much of it.

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