U.S. declares swine flu public health emergency

Swine flu has made a come back…It is a very dangerous flu…President Ford was concerned enough during the 1970’ s to offer free Swine Flu inoculation to all of us and thee were many takers

Does anyone know if these shots will be effective against this strain?..They used the live virus back then, I think…

Mexico city has just prohibited public gatherings due to 1000 cases of this flu. The USA now has 8 confirmed cases.

Back to the original question. The swine flu vaccine was the reason the government started the super fund to cover people that were injured by mandatory vaccination. Many of those that received this quickly produced vaccine became ill and died.

I had the Swine Flu in the 70’s, and it was VICIOUS!! I was sick for one full week, with a very high temp. I would recommend getting the shot for everyone in the high risk group.

With all of the catastrophes now facing us I wonder if we are facing a chastisement by God?

Many saints have seen a time like this including Padre Pio…sometimes what someone sees in a vision isn’t exactly what will happen but a sort of glimpse of the future that might not be exactly as the seer sees it, but a bit of symbolism…Fatima was kind of like this, not an exact picture but a symbolic one

My family had the shot, and we were fine, but some people did get Giullian Barre from it,(shot) and were really very ill

I just wanted to add no one was forced to get the flu shot, many people refused

I heard on the radio that this new swine flu is killing people between 25 and 54 years of age instead of the usual under 2 and seniors or weak people.

I just read it has spread to Queens New York

Yes you are right about the age…this is very much like the WW1 pandemic that took the lives of the young and the healthy for some odd reason

My oh My the prayer list is growing.

It isn’t conclusive but about 75 kids are sick at a prep school and they are being tested…I pray it is something else

At present there is NO vaccination against this current flu. The CDC has started a seed batch from which they can make vaccinations if need be. It will take weeks and then most likely only the aged, very young and immune compromised will get the vaccine. Thats how it works. Pick up some hand sanitizer, rubber gloves, Kleenex, face masks and lots of chicken soup. You’re going to need it. :frowning:

I wonder if the shot I had back on the 70’s will give any protection for it at all.?.I did some digging about that swine flu shot…about 1/4 of the population was vaccinated and 500 got ill with Guillan Barre…not a large amount of people to be sure…but the ones that got sick were deathly ill

I think the way this flu is htting the younger people are the ones that need this shot more than I do…and those who have compromised immune systems

i was thinking it was during the carter administration they had to stop the swine flu vaccination program because people were getting guillain-barre, but i could be wrong.

our church had a group who just returned from a pilgrimmage to mexico city to visit the basilica of our lady of guadalupe. they got back tuesday evening. i hope someone has told them that if they have any flu symptoms they should get to the doctor immediately.

i had guillain-barre syndrome in 1958 when i was 6. it was extremely rare back then.
although i did get a DPT booster 10 days before i got sick, it can’t be proven that is what caused it.

i would rather risk having the swine flu than getting a flu shot for swine flu. those of us who have had guillain-barre are warned against getting flu shots anyway.

this is frightening though how quickly it is spreading.

This virus is quite unusual. The scientists have said that there is genetic material from three species in it. In my inguiring mind I wonder how this could happen excep in a lab? They have been fooling with the genetics in pork (pigs) and humans for many years now.

CDC officials described the virus as having a unique combination of gene segments not seen before in people or pigs. The bug contains human virus, avian virus from North America and pig viruses from North America, Europe and Asia. It may be completely new, or it may have been around for a while and was only detected now through improved testing and surveillance, CDC officials said.

I am certainly no expert ,but my understanding of viruses is they jump species and mutate…and then you are in big trouble

I just read the BBC on line and they are saying this is feared to be a pandemic

I was thinking this is early for the flu to strike, but then I remember it had started here and not in Europe or Asia

I don’t know if the fact it is summer will help slow it down or make it worse?

Yes, one theory is that the immune response was overly strong in this robust healthy age group.

The 1918 “Spanish” Flu epidemic, which may have killed 20 million worldwide, is the reason for the big swine flu scare of the 1970s. We’ve known that a killer flu would return, its only a matter of when. This is the reason for the global monitoring of the flu virus and production of the annual flu vaccine. It is also the reason behind the bird flu scare of a couple years ago.

Probably not. The flu virus mutates a lot. Its the reason why the flu vaccine from the previous year won’t help this current year - different strains of virus are at work from year to year.

Actually, swine flu, bird flu and human flu often jump species from one to the other. Its why much flu surveillance concentrates on SE Asia, where humans, poultry and pigs live in close proximity with one another. The 1918 epidemic which killed so many was thought to have crossed all three species, but a military doctor who spent more than a decade reconstructing the virus learned that it only jumped from birds to humans.

i know one thing I won’t be drinking from the chalice at communion time…I rarely do because I always feel it is a risky thing to do, but sometimes on special feast days I will

I am not going to now

Or offering the sign of peace…maybe we can do that with rubber gloves on? :rolleyes:

I fall asleep with the TV on every night, and the chatter about it on Fox News about it woke me up this morning.

For a while this afternoon, it seemed like the sky was starting to fall. There were press releases, new likely cases in NYC, Kansas, etc. I haven’t heard anything else about it within the past hour or so, though.

Was talking to a friend about it a little while ago, and we were wondering if it’s another bird flu scare. Essentially where the panic was larger than necessary. I would still be cautious, though, and make sure to wash my hands frequently.

I think there is something to this…I hope it is not as bad as I think it could be…this isn’t just bird flu it is also human and swine flu…and I don’t think they have a flu shot for it…just things like tamiflu

Time will tell but Mexico seems to be taking it very seriuosly, and so is the WHO

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