U.S. Formally Accuses Russia of Stealing D.N.C. Emails


NY Times:

U.S. Formally Accuses Russia of Stealing D.N.C. Emails

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Friday formally accused the Russian government of stealing and disclosing emails from the Democratic National Committee and from a range of prominent individuals and institutions, immediately raising the issue of whether President Obama will seek sanctions or other retaliation for the cyberattacks.In a statement from the director of national intelligence, James Clapper Jr., and the Department of Homeland Security, the government said the leaked emails that have appeared on a variety of websites “are intended to interfere with the U.S. election process.” The emails were posted on the well-known WikiLeaks site and newer ones that have run under the names DCLeaks.com and Guccifer 2.1.

“We believe, based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts, that only Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorized these activities,” the statement said. It did not name President Vladimir V. Putin, but that appeared to be the intention.
For weeks, aides to Mr. Obama have been debating a range of possible responses to the Russia action, from targeted economic sanctions to authorizing covert action against the computer servers in Russia and elsewhere that have been traced as the origin of the attacks.

The White House has not said whether Mr. Obama has reviewed those options, or decided on any.
The statement said that the recent “scanning and probing” of election systems “in most cases originated from servers operated by a Russian company,” but did not say the Russian government was responsible for those probes.




Well, maybe it.Russia did, maybe they didn’t. No clear evidence other than suspicion is presented. Nobody seems to know. Russia always seems to be a convenient scape-goat for this administration. Russia is the consummate bad guy you can always point to, to take the heat. I read this as more of a maneuver to possibly show Russia in Trump’s corner than it is one of addressing wrong doing on Russia’s part, or whoever did this. Perhaps they should be more concerned with what was revealed ,than who revealed it.


Yes, the White House is deflecting from the content - what is being revealed to who is behind releasing the the documents. As you say, where is the evidence that Russia definitely behind it?


Of course, the actual content of the D.N.C. emails is of absolutely no concern or importance, but instead we should focus entirely on the scurrilous mountebank of a whistleblower who revealed them, or, better yet, the Russian bogey. :rolleyes: How dare some dastardly villain expose these crimes!




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