U.S. Government Report Openly Calls Out China On Economic Cyberspying


The report acknowledges that tough-to-trace malware used by cyberspies and the employment of non-state hackers by governments means there’s no simple way to link cyberspying incidents to China. But it lays out a slew of incidents tied to the PRC, including offline espionage conducted by Chinese staff at Dupont, Ford, and Valspar Corporation, McAfee’s “Night Dragon” report on exfiltration of energy and petrochemical data to a Chinese IP address, Verisign’s attribution of the Google attack to the Chinese government, and similar accusations of Chinese cyberspying by government and industry in Japan, South Korea, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Good. Its about time. I am tired of us playing footsie with a country that openly wages economic warfare on us.

We should pull their MFN status.

But then iPhones will cost more!

It’s great they’re doing this over something as important as cyber-espionage while ignoring trivial issues such as mass abortion and other human rights violations. (Sarcasm).

We gave up the right to do that when we let them into the WTO.

Excellent open, unclassified source of further info:

Skating on Stilts by Stewart Baker


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