U.S. Has Established a State Religion: What Now for Christians?

The rainbow colors lighting up the White House immediately after the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage seem to indicate loyalty to a new flag of faith that signifies supremacy over the traditional stars and stripes of the American flag – or any other flag, including the Christian banner.

The acts of our president and the decision of the Supreme Court are strong indications the current administration and SCOTUS are disregarding entirely the First Amendment and are setting up a state religion based on sexual identity politics. Their actions endorse a cult characterized by an extraordinarily reductionist view of the human being, who is now to be defined only in terms of sexual inclination and practice. Absolute sexual “freedom” now heads up a new Bill of Rights.

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We continue on as we always have.

We pray for our country.

[quote=ChibiViolet]We pray for our country.

Amen to both of these thoughts and I add that we pray diligently for those with the gifts to be able to witness and bring those lost in these lifestyles back into Christ’s fold!

God bless!


I think Christ would tell us to render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and to God that which is God’s. That doesn’t mean we, as citizens, jettison our right in the public square, or simply cede our freedoms under the Bill of Rights. What it does mean is that churches such as yours and mine, Justa, must overcome our differences in order to withstand the oncoming persecution that has already been announced.

Churches that hold to orthodox moral principles need not participate in civil marriage ceremonies, for example. We can continue to provide the sacrament/rite of marriage, ordained by God in Genesis, and affirmed by Christ in Mark 10, recognizing two realms - one of God, and the other of Caesar’s.

We can continue to educate our children in the faith we share, and continue to “lift high the cross” in our lives.


Losing Religious Freedom is code for Not getting your way all the time.

In what states are straight Christians not allowed to get married?

Everyone speaks of the gay govt throwing Christians in jail. Don;t they realize that Christian govt threw gays in jail up until the 1980s!!! Here in America.

Really? You know that same sex “marriage” has existed in much of the country for decades. There are a number of churches, Unitarians, for example, that have performed them for years.

In what states are straight Christians not allowed to get married?

How long will it take, do you think, for civil “marriage” licenses to be worded spouse / spouse, instead of husband / wife?

Everyone speaks of the gay govt throwing Christians in jail. Don;t they realize that Christian govt threw gays in jail up until the 1980s!!! Here in America.

Ahh, the “we’ll get you back” argument?


  1. Yes, religious institutions can wed you to a broom stick. I am concerned about legal rights and as long as we had DOMA the moment the first states legalized civil SSM then it has never been the same as straight marriage.

  2. Where can christians not get married in America??

  3. Don’t you think its a bit hypocritical for the Christians to complain and fret about persecutions when they were throwing gays in jail up until 2003 and in the UK forcing them to undergo chemical castrations up until the 1950s. I find that the side that fears persecution is the one that has done the persecuting for over a centuries. I find it laughable that some Christians are convinced that harsh times are coming from a community that could care less of their private beliefs.

And THIS is why we have to choose. Tolerance is a dumb idea. This is proof. The ideologies at war here, moral relatavism and homosexual pride, and Christianity, are incompatible. So we must choose who we will support. The US Government has chosen.
As for the violent crimes against homosexuals, those are just sad because not only is violence ALWAYS wrong, it gives a bad name to us Christians. We do not(should not) advocate violence against homosexuals, and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church certainly does not.

What will we do not? Well, my Bishop said to say close to the Cross and silently bleed with Our Lord. Not to protest, not to fight, not to go along, not to celebrate, not to freak out against or for the decision. We just stay next to the Cross. Thats it. Thats all we need, no matter what has or will happen.
My Bishop is a very wise man.

What would you say to churches that marry gay people. They seem to find harmony.

US Bishops actually condemned the SCOTUS decision in Lawrence v. Texas to forbid states from throwing gays in jail for commiting homosexual acts.

Yes, a very wise man. :thumbsup:


There are 2 realms; the realm of God, and that of man.
In a society such as ours, pluralistic, and one of a constitutional representative republic, they should have and do have every freedom to do so.
As a member of a Church that holds a scriptural, orthodox, view of the issue, I would consider it a heterodox practice, at best.


But they consider you to be the heterodox practice. As an agnostic non-believer who should I listen to?

Listen to other agnostic non-believers. You live in an ostensibly free society.


thats the thing about us agnostics, we have no governing body. Whats a guy to do?

I guess he makes up his own. :shrug:


This is what I think it will come down to and what is alluded to what MAY happen on the WELS site statement-churches may cease to be agents of the State in marriage and perform the religious ceremony only.

This is the most sensible post in this entire thread.

As for others, Christ went to the cross by choice, not force. So Christians must allow others to make that same choice. If a gay man wants to have a gay marriage, by all means tell them that it is wrong. But do not obfuscate their freedom of association, which is so fundamental to basic human dignity, that even God Himself seems to respect it.

Isaac, you have a very wise Bishop:thumbsup:

God bless you,


How can you be an agnostic and an unbeliever at the same time? Seems like a contradiction in terms.

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