U.S. House Republican floats plan to defund immigration order but avoid shutdown


< A senior U.S. House Republican on Tuesday floated a plan to avoid a government shutdown fight in December while also setting a path for undoing sweeping immigration changes President Barack Obama is expected to execute.

Under a strategy suggested by House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers, Congress next month would pass a bill funding the U.S. government through September, the end of the current fiscal year. That would avoid closure of the government in an ongoing battle with President Barack Obama over immigration policy.

But once Obama issues his expected order on immigration policy, Congress could pass a separate bill known as a “recisions” bill cutting funding for those actions. >

Question: Why didn’t Obama do anything for immigrants when Democrats had a super majority and he had zero opposition?

Answer: It’s because the Democrats knew that they had the wind to their back when they had a super majority. And they didn’t see the political need for doing anything for Latin immigrants at the time. But now that they have lost big in an election they need to pull out a new political strategy to try to make themselves look good.

When Republicans officially have the majority in both the House and Senate they will pass their own legislation dealing with immigration, and Obama will likely veto it. I think Obama did this as a political stunt knowing it would would not pass but just so he can say that Republicans blocked it first.

It is incredibly sad to see political football being played with the immigration issue. Republicans did not pass reform even during Bush’s second term, why would they support it in Obama’s? Perhaps the funding issue can be circumvented by having all the beneficiaries of the EO pay moderate fines - then something can be done for real people while politicians posture, fiddle and endlessly plan their re-election campaigns…

When the Democrats had a super majority and could do anything they wanted Obama chose to do nothing for immigrants. Now he wants to play political games to make up for the Democrat party’s big losses. Let’s wait until January 2015 to see what the Republicans will do once they have some control.

Both sides had their chances. Both sides are at fault, no one has a clean conscious here.

This is not about politics and politicians - for once, it is about people. Let the politicians go raise money for 2016, 2018, 2020…and let the President take the blame for trying to help actual people.

The Democrats have had the majority advantage between the White House and Congress since January 2007. And they had a super majority for the first two years of Obama being president. Going back to when the Republican party was strong during the Reagan years, Republicans were for immigrant amnesty, and the Democrats were the ones against it. So let’s wait and see what the Republicans will do once they gain control of Congress in January. It’s only a little more than a month away.

and what actual people would the President be helping?

Um Bush was president in 2007 and 2008, yes the democrats should of been able to get something domes since bush had the same purpose as them.


The Democrats officially took control over both the House and the Senate in January 2007. At that time, Bush was in the same position that Obama is about to be in when this January comes.

everybody? certainly not current Americans, particularly those of lower incomes already struggling to find work. not current Americans already strapped with high taxes. not current Americans who themsleves are immigrants that came to this country legally. and not current Americans who do not wish to give our country away to people who clearly have no respect for our laws.

Oh and I’m with you, but like I said both sides are at fault, no party can claim innocence here, both had their chances and no one, and I do mean no one did a thing.

“Clearly have no respect for our laws”? I find it interesting how easily assumptions are made on this topic. Sooo that lack of respect is what made many of them get dressed one morning, balance themselves on top of a moving train, and brave multiple life-threatening dangers to get here…just to show us how little they respect our laws?

Every kind of American benefits because the people targeted for reprieve have been here for years and are most likely*** already working***. Some of them even have their own business ventures; they’re providing services, even paying taxes, and yes, we ALL benefit because the economy benefits.


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama will unveil his executive order aimed at making changes to the country’s immigration system on Friday during a trip to Las Vegas, according to media reports.

CNBC, citing sources, said Obama would lay out his immigration plan during the visit. He also could give an outline of the order on Thursday and add details in Las Vegas on Friday, the network said.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported the president was traveling to Nevada on Friday but gave no details about the trip.


Check out this excerpt from an article from the Washington Post editorial board:

DEMOCRATS URGING President Obama to “go big” in his executive order on immigration might pause to consider the following scenario:

It is 2017. Newly elected President Ted Cruz ® insists he has won a mandate to repeal Obamacare. The Senate, narrowly back in Democratic hands, disagrees. Mr. Cruz instructs the Internal Revenue Service not to collect a fine from anyone who opts out of the individual mandate to buy health insurance, thereby neutering a key element of the program. It is a matter of prosecutorial discretion, Mr. Cruz explains; tax cheats are defrauding the government of billions, and he wants the IRS to concentrate on them. Of course, he is willing to modify his order as soon as Congress agrees to fix what he considers a “broken” health system.


Considering the way Obama has been using executive orders, I wish I could have a conversation with him face to face and ask him directly: “Why do you suppose the Founders gave us a Congress in the first place, if (as you seem to believe) the President can simply write and pass laws all on his own?”

For all the hoopla, Obama is averaging less than anyone since Grover Clevland’s first term (that’s 1885-1899!):


My question is why can’t the congress even come up with a bill on immigration reform that is sorely need by any measure.

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