U.S. Immigration Policy - Causing human suffering?

I would be interested in a discussion on U.S. Immigration policy as it relates to the atrocities occurring on both sides of the U.S. Mexican border. The murder of 72 migrants 90 miles south of the border (see linked article below) appears to me to be caused by the lack of a clear enforceable immigration policy. The U.S. government appears to not be enforcing the current immigration laws under the guise of humanitarian concern (allowing immigrants to bypass laws and sneak into the U.S.). I believe the real reason they do not enforce these laws are quite different than humanitarian concerns. I believe that there is a serious need for workers in the U.S. (because of the U.S. abortion policy) and thus the reason for turning their heads the other way. In any case I believe that the U.S. immigration policy (or if not policy at least the way it is being administered) is to blame for situations such as the one reported in the linked article.

I welcome comments and discussion, what should be done to promote “Social Justice”?

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The immigration policy is just part of a larger problem where the government has created lower dependent class. If the government treated everyon with equality and respect immigration would be a moot point.

For instance with the only thing keeping unemployment below 10% is a large number of unemployed no longer looking for work, you have to wonder why it is so easy for foriegners to find jobs here.

The first part of your reply, I agree with however, that is truly pie in the sky, we have to walk before we can run.

I believe the answer to the second part of your question is that out of work Americans need (or want) to be able to sustain a reasonabily high standard of living and cannot (or will not) work for sub standard wages. Not so with the immigrants coming to this county. They are not accustomed to a reasonabily high standard of living and will work for an extremely below standard wage.

This is further complicated by a government willing to subsidize a higher standard of living than what the market can bare.

When we start walking we need to do it in the right direction. keeping an eye on the long term goal helps establish that direction.

Unfortunately, our culture here in the U.S. has been moving toward the European model. Banish morallity, establish relativism, create your own truths that are easier to live with the the actual truth. We have lost our way and having a great deal of difficulty finding it again.

I recently wrote a poem about it. Click here to read it.

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