U.S. Mint and Treasury unveil new gold coin that portrays Lady Liberty as a woman of color for the first time

U.S. Mint and Treasury unveil new gold coin that portrays Lady Liberty as a woman of color for the first time. abcn.ws/2iiE1GB

I don’t like it, she should be green, like the statue.

Well, be happy that the coin will not be seen by the majority of Americans due to the composition and type.

Unless I’m mistaken (of course) the recently minted presidential dollar coins do not have the inscription “in God We Trust”

what about this coin?

It appears that it will from the picture and also the article.

From the article:

“In “a departure from previous classic designs,” the new coin portrays Lady Liberty as a black woman wearing a crown of stars. The coin is inscribed with “1792,” for the year the U.S. Mint was established, “2017” and “IN GOD WE TRUST.” The reverse side of the coin contains a “bold and powerful eagle in flight,” according to the press release.”

It also states:

“It is the first in a series of 24-karat gold coins that will feature designs representing Lady Liberty as Asian-American, Hispanic-American and Indian-American. The coins will be issued every two years.”

This is a good thing.

Very cool.

Yes it is. And it’s about time!

It is quite interesting for sure. Though I will admit that considering they’re trying to go for cultural diversity in the rollout, it is surprising they (and I may be wrong) don’t have plans for an Oriental or Native American Lady Liberty. (And does anyone know if there will be a coin with the standard Lady Liberty too?)

Are we talking south Asian or North American Indian?


Liberty is portrayed as a freed slave (ie, wearing a Phrygian cap) on the top of the US Capitol and many other state capitol buildings. She is frequently portrayed as an Indian, as is America. So it should not surprise you that there have been Hispanic, Jewish, Chinese, and African portrayals of Liberty, too.

So this is well within the classical tradition of American public art. The only new thing is that it is on a coin.

Who uses coins anymore?

Since it says in the article both Asian American and Indian American, I am assuming they mean American Indian. Since that’s my heritage, I’m hopeful at least.

This is racist. You have to stereotype the look of groups of people in order to make a woman look like a certain race on a coin.

I’m sure this is for amateur collectors. Now and then the government puts out a coin that has less gold value in it than the cost of the coin, but it’s touted as being unique, artistic, never to be repeated, etc. Both gold lovers and erstwhile collectors evidently buy them in large quantity or they would not be offered so frequently.

Why would retail gold buyers want them if they contain less gold than they cost? Because they’re recognizable for what they are, giving them a little more reliability than “commodity gold” coins or bars.

I like it.

Especially $100.00 ones.

Gold is gold and gold coins make nice Christmas gifts.

But she is already a lady of color…green!

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