U.S. Muslims Most Approving of Obama, Mormons Least


U.S. Muslims Most Approving of Obama, Mormons Least
Relative rank order of religious groups stable throughout his presidency

Seventy-two percent of U.S. Muslims approved of the job President Barack Obama was doing as president during the first six months of 2014, higher than any other U.S. religious group Gallup tracks. Mormons were least approving, at 18%. In general, majorities of those in non-Christian religions – including those who do not affiliate with any religion – approved of Obama, while less than a majority of those in the three major Christian religious groups did.

The patterns in Obama’s job approval by religion have prevailed throughout his presidency, with Muslim, Jewish, and nonreligious Americans giving him higher ratings, and Mormons and Protestants giving him the lowest ratings. Catholics have typically been closest to the national average, but slightly above it.

As Obama’s overall job approval rating has had its ups and downs over the five-plus years he has been president, his ratings among religious groups have moved in tandem. That is, Americans of various faiths seem to react similarly to the factors that cause the president’s popularity to wax and wane, rather than reacting in idiosyncratic ways tied to their religious beliefs.

Clearly, members of various religions view the president quite differently, but this may be attributable more to whether Obama’s Democratic affiliation matches the political leanings of each religious group, and less to the specific policies and actions he has taken throughout his presidency.


Obama is tracking close to Clinton in overall approval; and close to right on when looking at presidential averages:


Makes me irritated with my fellow Catholics. Otherwise, no surprises here.


I agree. Can’t understand the Catholic support at all.


Yes I wish the catholic approval numbers were on par with the mormons. At least the catholics are at 51 for disapproval. So some have opened their eyes but it should be higher.

I don’t understand the jews. With the recent killings of the 3 teens I receive newsletters written by jewish rabbis and scholars about the jewish people and their respect for life and yet they support the most pro-abortion president ever.

As for the muslims maybe they consider him one of their own. He is no
doubt pleased with the high approval rating among that group.


Neither can I.


(In best Gilbert Gottfried voice) Why am I not surprised?


No surprise re the Muslims or the Mormons.

The Catholic result, though, is massively embarrassing. It makes me sick when local protestants ask why Catholics support Obama when he’s so pro-abortion. Around here, most protestants aren’t pro-abortion. Around here, most Catholics aren’t either, but nationwide? Protestants can read polls too.

It’s really impossible to explain it to them satisfactorily or in a way they can understand. How can you truly explain "Well, you see, there was a period in the Church in the U.S. when those who should have been teaching young Catholics, or even adult Catholics in the pews about the teachings of the Church, they failed in their duty, touting the notion that “loving, caring and sharing” was all there is to Catholic teachings, and as long as you “weren’t prejudiced” you were morally in the clear no matter what you did.

And how do you explain that some of those who should have been teachers are still around; that they destroyed so many of the “teaching arms” of the Church; the orders of nuns, priests and brothers so that some are now not much more than liberal political organizations. How to explain that at a point they felt that “teaching middle class kids” was a vocation beneath them.

How do you explain the millions upon millions of “teaching moments” presented in the Sunday sermons, but which resulted in no preaching, no moral instruction, no teaching, just a talk about how Catholics are not as good at “fellowshipping” as we ought to be, and need to have more coffee and donuts together.

How do you explain to them that some bishops would not allow the pre-election letter of Cdl Dolan, and why some wouldn’t allow it?

One bright spot in it, though, is that in the 2012 election 44% of white Catholics voted against Obama. Obama got over 50% of the total Catholic vote, but that was because of Hispanics. Looks like maybe Hispanics have gotten past the “Obama romance” if only 44% of ALL Catholics support him now.


I am dismayed that so many Catholics are supportive of Obama. With his attacks on our freedom of religion and with him being so pro-abortion, you would think there would be a 0% approval rating from Catholics.


I would love to do a David Letterman top ten list reasons some Catholic support Obama, but I can only come up with two in a non-scientific poll of my friends and relatives.

  1. Obama’s perceived support of unions.

  2. Hatred for George Bush.

It is beyond me how any reason could overcome all his negatives. It would be hard to make a top ten list for those because I would have to leave out so many good ones.


Surely “My wife/girlfriend had an abortion and I was complicit in it, and I might need to resort to it again” is somewhere near the top.


Not for my friends and relatives, but yes self hatred, (misdirected guilt), or hatred of their own church has to be near the top.


:thumbsup: bingo!


I completely agree with you that I don’t see how any reason could overcome all of his negatives. To me, his attacks on our freedom of religion is not just plenty of reason for him to not have gotten to his 2nd term but for him to be impeached.


To each their own, i suppose.


Just more evidence that this president is a Stalinist atheist who wants to impose Sharia law through public schools using Common Core so that gay marriages can take place officiated by illegal immigrant abortionists who confiscated your gun.


lolol, that got my first chuckle of this Sunday morning.


Only using “homosexualist” could have made it more complete!


from American Digest: americandigest.org/index.php

Guy goes into a bar in Louisiana where there’s a robot bartender! The robot says, “What will you have?” The guy says, “Whiskey.” The robot brings back his drink and says to the man, “What’s your IQ?” The guy says,” 168.” The robot then proceeds to talk about physics, space exploration and medical technology.

The guy leaves, but then he gets curious so he goes back into the bar. The robot bartender says, “What will you have?” The guy says, “Whiskey.” Again, the robot brings the man his drink and says, “What’s your IQ?” The guy says, “100.” The robot then starts to talk about Nascar, Budweiser, the Saints and LSU Tigers

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The robot leans in real close and says, “SO, . . . you people . . . still happy . . . with Obama?”


Fair enough.

[LEFT]Q: How many Republicans does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Ten…

*]One to deny that a light bulb needs to be changed

*]One to attack the patriotism of anyone who says the light bulb needs to be changed

*]One to blame Democrats for burning out the light bulb

*]One to tell the nations of the world that they are either “for” changing the light bulb or “for” darkness

*]One to give a billion dollar no-bid contract to Halliburton for a new light bulb

*]One to be photographed standing on a step ladder under the banner: “Light Bulb Change Accomplished”

*]One administration insider to resign and write a book documenting in detail how he was literally in the dark

*]One to viciously smear #7

*]One to campaign on how he has had a strong light-bulb-changing policy all along

*]One to confuse Americans about the difference between screwing a light bulb and screwing the country.[/LEFT]


No offense, but that was really dumb! :smiley:


True enough, but the best ones would get me banned here. :smiley:

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