U.S. Navy fires commander of sailors held by Iran


The U.S. Navy said on Thursday it has fired the commander of the 10 American sailors who wandered into Iranian territorial waters in the Gulf in January and were briefly captured by Iran.

In a statement, the Navy said it lost confidence in Commander Eric Rasch, who was the executive officer of the coastal riverine squadron that included the 10 sailors at the time of the Iran incident.



He was fired? What does that mean?

Is he simply being removed from his command position as executive officer, or does it mean he is leaving the Navy? Is a loss of rank involved?


The Executive Officer is just an administrative position. Why didn’t the Navy fire the Commanding Officer? Fired means he’s simply being relieved of his duties and responsibilities as XO. He can’t be screened for CO position or promotion.


The skipper’s career is scuttled too, without being “fired”.

XO is administrative, but if the ship were close to Iranian waters they may have been at GQ, at which time the skipper may have been in CIC, and the XO had the conn, and it may have been his negligence as conning officer that put the ship into Iranian waters. If that’s the case, his being relieved is understandable.


Good question. Where was the CO when all this was going down?


We may be learning about that in the near future.

[quote=Navy Times]Cmdr. Gregory Meyer, who was commanding officer at the time of the incident, is currently with Coastal Riverine Group 1, and has been put on “administrative hold,” meaning the Navy will not transfer him out of the unit, while a high-level review of the Navy’s investigation into the incident continues, said two officials familiar with internal deliberations.

The move is the first in what sources expect to be a series of disciplinary measures for what was a high-profile embarrassment for the U.S. Navy.

The investigation is still under review and is expected to be released by the end of May, said two Navy officials.



Thanks for the update.


It’s about time the Navy gets serious about getting its house in order.

They have been involved in quite a few high profile, embarrassing situations over the last couple of years. In nearly all of the incidents, they have been caught flat-footed, surprised, and seemingly without a plan of action. Their readiness for combat seems to be seriously lacking.

Time to take a break from diversity training and inclusiveness classes and get back to the business of combat readiness…


According to Representative Forbes of Virginia, there is a major report being released in the very near future that is scandalous in terms of the lack of readiness of our military.



The military has been stripped of the warrior class in their upper echolons and is now being run by sorority girls and girl scouts who are only interested in diversity issues and inclusiveness training. Warfighting skills and readiness have taken a distinct back seat to the gay agenda and women agenda.

This president has managed to take the last government entity that actually functioned very well, and broke it with all of this social, pc non-sense…


Sadly I think you are right.


Last year, we had the first female 4 star Admiral giving us a speech about kids playing video games and inclusiveness. I was super disappointed. I was expecting that she would talk about war fighting, future threats, and Chinese ascension or threat or something strategic. Okay, our future recruits are high tech and computer oriented, but they too haven’t stopped the Chinese from hacking into our military networks.


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