U.S. officials suspect Russia in mystery 'attacks' on diplomats in Cuba, China



Sounds more like China to me. I could easily imagine Cuba going along with a Russian attack, but I really wonder whether China would allow anyone to conduct a sonic or radiation weapon attack on its soil. How could China be sure the weapon was focused only on Americans?

Cuba, of course, would allow anything by anyone if the perpetrator paid for it.


I wonder if they could shield the USA embassy. I was in Havannah a couple of weekends ago. There are not many hotels (maybe 2?). The Russian Embassy is one of the taller structures there.


The Russians have been conducting radio/electronic/sonic penetrations and attacks for decades.

The Havana attack is neither shocking nor new nor unique.

Cold War: Great Seal

On August 4, 1945, Soviet school children gave a carving of the Great Seal of the United States to U.S. Ambassador Averell Harriman. It hung in the ambassador’s Moscow residential office until 1952 when the State Department discovered that it was ‘bugged.’ The microphone hidden inside was passive and only activated when the Soviets wanted it to be. They shot radio waves from a van parked outside into the ambassador’s office and could then detect the changes of the microphone’s diaphragm inside the resonant cavity. When Soviets turned off the radio waves it was virtually impossible to detect the hidden ‘bug.’ The Soviets were able to eavesdrop on the U.S. ambassador’s conversations for six years. The replica on display in the museum was molded from the original after it came to NSA for testing. The exhibit can be opened to reveal a copy of the microphone and the resonant cavity inside.

Did not require a power supply as it was powered by outside radiation bombardment.

… largely because of the high levels of RF energy involved.

Embassy staff mysteriously got cancer and etc.

The existence of the bug was discovered accidentally by a British radio operator at the British embassy who overheard American conversations on an open radio channel as the Soviets were beaming radio waves at the ambassador’s office. An American State Department employee was then able to reproduce the results using an untuned wideband receiver with a simple diode detector/demodulator,[7] similar to some field strength meters.

Two additional State Department employees, John W. Ford and Joseph Bezjian, were sent to Moscow in March 1951 to investigate this and other suspected bugs in the British and Canadian embassy buildings.

During this sweep, Bezjian found the device in the Great Seal carving.[7]:2


In the early 1920’s, Leon Theremin came to the United States to promote his invention. He was given a studio to work in, and he trained several musicians to help bring the theremin into the public eye. Then, in 1938, Leon Theremin was taken back to the Soviet Union by force, leaving behind his studio, friends, business, and his wife. After a stay in a prison camp, Leon Theremin reportedly worked for the KGB designing among other things, the “bug” and methods for cleaning up noisy audio recordings.


Thanks for the articles. Amazing that the Soviets pulled the “bug” off in 1945 as a gift. “Beware of Greeks
bearing gifts”. Beware today of sleepers that continue their mission of the former USSR propaganda. Putin was born and raised into the KGB!


Obama started playing with Cuba - baseball fans forever with Raul Castro. His rush to gain applause for his “legacy” by assigning US personnel to work there caused this tragedy for them. Traumatic brain injury and death will be their salary. Good ole Barry S.


I read in one article somewhere, that some of this occurred in Vietnam as well… so yes, this has been around for decades.


“We have seen a firestorm of reports out there today assigning blame to the Russian government,” with those reports attributed to unnamed sources, State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert told reporters on Tuesday. “I would caution you all to be very skeptical of those statements.”

Misstating the truth, reporting falsehoods helps no one. Some parties will commit very serious acts. One doesn’t have to make up things.


At this point, it probably is a mistake to assign responsibility to Russia:

  1. We don’t know what the agency of the symptoms was. Was it radiation? Sound? Microwaves? Some kind of gas? We don’t know.

  2. One really has to question whether the Chinese would allow Russians to utilize some kind of remote weapon in China. How would they know it wouldn’t be aimed elsewhere as well?

  3. I can’t remember who it was who opined that “…Russia is just a gas station masquerading as a country.” But it’s an interesting notion. Ultimately, the big enemy of the U.S. is China, not Russia. The only way the west ought to fear Russia is by exerting no credible efforts at self-defense. Some European countries are at that point already, but some are not, and Trump is spending more resources on our armed capabilities.


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