U.S. Oil Companies Lose Out in Iraq Oil Auction

Speaking before the Congressional Natural Gas Caucus in October, oil magnate T. Boone Pickens said the cost in lives and money entitled U.S. companies to some of the Iraqi crude.
“They’re opening them (oil fields) up to other companies all over the world. We’re entitled to it,” he said. “Heck, we even lost 5,000 of our people, 65,000 injured and a trillion, five hundred billion dollars. We leave there with the Chinese getting the oil.”


An updated version of the story:

China leading in Oil Production for Iraq.


How are we (Americans) entitled to another sovereign nation’s natural resources or assets?

Did not the previous administration say the war would be paid for by Iraqi oil reserves? In fact Wolfowitz testified to this in a congressional hearing leading up to the war.

Did we not liberate this country with our fellow countrymen/women’s blood ?

Looks like Wolfowitz was wrong and the Iraqis (other than the Kurds) are ingrates. But it does explode the argument that the war was motivated by some kind of oil deal.

I wonder if we just laid by the wayside so the Chinese can get to the oil in order for them to leave us alone on all the debt they purchased to finance the war, tax cuts, etc.

You guys got it all wrong. :wink: I’m on the ground. Our main effort is to facilitate international oil company mobilization into southern Iraq. Avatar anyone?

Mr. Pickens, the war was about freedom, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction. The war was never about or for oil. That would have been pillaging Iraq, not liberating it.

I think he is saying that it would have shown a little thankfulness on their side to allow Americans to work their oil fields for them. Not only did we bring them freedom, they will receive large royalties from that oil to help their state, and we also showed them and everybody else in the world how to drill for the darn stuff.


When all is said and done we will have spent trillions in direct and indirect costs associated with the Iraq War. Does anyone really believe that we’ll ever see so much as a dime from the Iraqi government?

I know. I also note that is not the American people of the government that should be reimbursed, but oil companies that should get preferrential treatment. I could see the first, but the latter seems a little greedy.

There has never been any agreement, treaty, pact, etc. that I know of between the Iraqi government and the United States saying that Iraq will pay the US back for the cost of its liberation.

We (Americans) declared war on Saddam Hussein. To impose an indemnity on the Iraqi people would only confirm many people’s suspicions that we are only there for the oil and our motives are not to spread peace, democracy and freedom, but imperialism.

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