U.S. Olympic athletes must promise to fight ‘discrimination’ based on ‘sexual orientation’

U.S. Olympic athletes must promise to fight ‘discrimination’ based on ‘sexual orientation’


Worse yet, and against the IOC (Internatioal Olympic Comittee) rules, there are “plans to have Olympic athletes smuggle gay propaganda into Russia”.


So, our Olympians are now puppets for the Gay Agenda.

[quote=bsroufek]U.S. Olympic athletes must promise to fight ‘discrimination’ based on ‘sexual orientation’

Horrible! Those poor athletes must take a “wow” against discrimination! What will this world come to? Where is our God-given right to discriminate against the abominations of disgusting behavior, which corrupts our society, undermines the sacred marriage? Next time we shall have to make a “wow” against mixed-race marriages, too!? Let’s all emigrate to Russia, the final bastion of moral behavior!

/sarcasm off

They have a choice to be a mouthpiece, or to opt out of sports.

If you want to compete in the prestigious events of this world, you have to wear the mark.

So you all feel that we should be free to harass homosexuals, whether they act on their same-sex attraction or not.


Feel free to misrepresent at will.

I really wish lifesitnews would link to their sources in their articles.

Just another attempt to export the worst bits of Western culture into the “benighted” parts of the world and force them to accept secularism, modernism, Population Control and the Culture of Death.

How dare they **not **discriminate against homosexuals!

Wait, what? :confused:

Why is this an issue?

When someone objects to a commitment to avoid discrimination in a certain context, it seems likely that they are doing so because they want to continue discrimination.

So if that’s not right, what *would *an accurate representation be?

Two reasons. 1) The second article brings it into the real objective, that is to promote gay propaganda, which even Pope Francis preaches against.

  1. St. Paul says [1 Cor 5:9], “I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people.” Also, in another place, he writes, “Do not even eat with such a one.”
    For me, authentic Catholicism does not contradict the Gospels or the Apostles, whose Testimony is Eternally Immutable. Also, besides being theologically and spiritually objectionable to embrace homosexuality, it’s unnatural and offensive.

How would someones sexual behavior become an issue in the Olympics unless they choose to make it so?

Russia is far from a bastion of moral behavior, and is becoming more and more of a dictatorship every day.

Perhaps you should google about the activities within Olympic Villages sometimes.

Be sure not to do so around the particularly scrupulous or around children below the age of 21. Also it’s best not to do so on a work computer.

I agree, I dont even know why people are talking about this, it has nothing to do with sports…?? I guess its all the US mainstream media that wants to make it an issue, they cannot stand anyone standing true for what they believe in LOL.

That bad, eh?

One of the milder pieces of information (that wouldn’t be tooooooo inappropriate for this audience) is that 150,000 condoms were distributed to the athletes at the 2012 London Olympics. You can take it from there.

And here I thought the purpose of the Olympics
was to participate in sports
to the best of your ability,
leaving politics out of it.

So Russia has announced they are going to patrol the Olympic Village and arrest anyone who is engaging in homosexual behavior?

Yeah, I’m sure no one ever assaulted anyone over the fact that they don’t quite conform to traditional gender roles and clearly no one has ever been hurt because of a suspicion that they might be homosexual.

/sarcasm :stuck_out_tongue:

The two articles are not as related as you make them appear. The first is a a change in the official non-discrimination policy that the US Olympic committee requires athletes to follow. The second is about the plans of some activists, whose relationship with the US Hockey team on the smuggling of pride flags is only insinuated by lifesite. That’s par for the course when it come to lifesite’s regular distortions of reality. So there’s no grand conspiracy here.

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