U.S. Postal Service Could Shut Down In 3 Months - Black Enterprise

Personally I cannot see a complete shutdown. Maybe delivery cuts though.

I agree. The Postal Service has been moving a lot of packages for Amazon, Wal-Mart, Prescription Drug Providers, Target and so on and they do it for half the price that UPS and FedEx would do it for. On top of that, they also deliver many UPS packages (SUREPOST) and some FedEx packages because those two companies don’t find it cost effective to deliver to some areas.

Yes, the Post Office is always in debt each year but that’s because they put aside (upfront) retirement pay for their retired workers then what left over goes toward our profit.

Amazon found out that creating a deliver force for their products wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be that’s why Amazon is bringing back the business to the Postal Service.


Well despite paying 2-day shipping and signature confirmation on my corporate taxes, they are still showing “in transit” in Kansas City, MO (IRS division heaqdquarters). I hope they make it before USPS closes. Unbelievable. Thank goodness I have them psotmarked before the filing deadline.

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I read some postal workers are testing positive for covid-19. I don’t remember
where I read this. I don’t know if the post offices can stay open and still
protect their workers.

That indicates they are losing money on each package, thus taxpayers are subsidizing Amazon and Walmart deliveries :frowning:


I’m not sure where I heard this from (so its not reliable at all but it is kind of funny) but someone made mention that with all the money Bezos has, he was going to buy the Postal Service and use it for Amazon. Win-Win?


Might be a good move since the post office holds very powerful databases, including addresses of the most remote places and change of address files.

There are two Postal employees who tested positive in Washington State and two in New York State. I haven’t heard how they are doing yet. As for any changes to daily Postal work procedures, I’m not sure how they are handling the clerks who are at the counters selling stamps and placing postage on customer’s packages but carriers are business as usual. Only exception is we sign for customer’s packages and mail (in front of the customer) if need be and we have gloves and masks. Also, there is social distancing although the way the cases are set up, we’ve always maintained social distancing.

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