U.S.’s quarantine-fighting nurse rips Canada’s Ebola policy



She characterized it as racist, saying Canada would never have considered banning visas from Europe, even though there were tens of thousands of measles cases and dozens of deaths a few years back.

“Shocked and appalled,” Hanson said of the reaction she’s heard from friends in the U.S., to Canada’s Oct. 31 announcement. “As an American, we always look to Canada as being more open and more accepting and having better international relations.

“(But) you’re limiting people based on the colour of their skin… It becomes a racial issue, at that point. I think that because it’s an impoverished African country, it was a lot easier to put that ban than it would have been to ban someone from England, France or America.”

Perhaps the Canadian policy is overreach but to make it a racial issue is disgusting.


I think this nurse is a little cuckoo. She thinks she is the ebola czar now.


Canada had a big problem with SARS a few years back.

People remember



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