U.S. Senate confirms Sen. Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General


U.S. Senate confirms Sen. Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General, 52-47. cs.pn/2k0mAvn


Not before the Senate leadership put a woman, Elizabeth Warren, in what they think was her place. In her seat. But then allowed men, Bernie Sanders, Jeff Merkley, and Sherrod Brown to read the same letter by Coretta Scott King objecting to Sessions, that they refused to allow EW to read.


Oh, please. It’s not like they swatted her on the butt and told her to get on back to the kitchen. Senator Warren got in trouble because she broke Senate rules about appropriate behavior toward a colleague. People need to get a clue & realize no one should get a pass for being nasty.


And they did away with the rule for the men? I’m thinking maybe the men were allowed to read the same letter because the Republicans realized what a big mistake they had made.


Conservative groups celebrated the win.

“Sen. Sessions brings a solid pro-life and pro-religious liberty record to the Department of Justice, which has been plagued for years by corruption and ideological policies that have undermined conscience rights and countless other civil liberties,” said Ashley McGuire, senior fellow with The Catholic Association.

But it is immigration reform groups that may be the happiest. Sessions made illegal immigration a high-profile issue for the GOP over the last few years, and was the first U.S. senator to indicate he supported Trump in the Republican presidential primary in 2016.

*“Sen. Sessions fully understands the dangers posed by the 300 jurisdictions around the nation that have adopted policies that impede federal immigration enforcement and protect criminal aliens,” *said Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. “The new attorney general will also have the ability to help the nation’s beleaguered immigration courts, which are buckling under historic backlogs caused largely by the Obama administration’s ‘catch and release’ policies. Today, nearly 500,000 cases are waiting to be heard, and many of those released will never show up for their hearings.”



If I understand correctly, Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer stepped outside to discuss one on one what happened with Warren when Bernie Sanders, Jeff Merkley, and Sherrod Brown read the letter.




Might have. I was in another room from my TV earlier today but had the TV on and I did hear someone speaking against what was done to EW and I thought, who is that? His voice sounds familiar. Then I decided I thought it was Schumer’s.


But also, I heard that in regards to Warren, it was strongly believed that she was implying that Sessions is a racist; which goes against Senate rules.

Perhaps the other three, while reading from the same letter, were not completely taking it there.

I don’t think the letter itself was the issue, it was what they were implying. For example, if Sanders and the others were reading the letter to imply Sessions doesn’t have a clean civil rights record… that’s one thing. But to imply he’s racist completely violates Senate rules.

He was widely considered that she broke Senate Rule 19, even if you use someone else’s rules to do so.


That made my day to see Elizabeth Warren put in her place!


You really do see things a different way don’t you…


Different than many on this forum, yes. EW can’t read a letter because someone believes she was implying Sessions was a racist and yet others were allowed to read the same letter. And the guy up the street at the WH on PA Ave is disparaging others everyday and that’s fine.


Again… I don’t think the letter itself was the issue. She was using the letter to support her implicit claim that Sessions was a racist.

I don’t believe the others were doing that. I think the others were using the letter to support that his record wasn’t clean, but not implying that he was a racist.

I think that’s the difference.


I agree with you, it’s not reading the letter, it’s the other things she was also saying. She’s so harsh, almost mean-spirited.


Is the POTUS subject to documented Senate rules for Senators?


He should be subject to the American people and should be held accountable for his disparaging statements and tweets about others. By both the 54% of American voters who did not vote for him and by the 46% minority who did.


Perhaps, but that has nothing to do with Warren’s censure, nor did it with Santorum’s censure for the same violation. The text in the article is clear.


Yeah, those durn wemmen need to learn their place.


Was Rick Santorum a woman when he got slapped with the same rule?



Check it out. Senator Booker praised Jeff Sessions last year. Then testifies against Sessions.


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