(U.S.) Senate passes Iron Dome funding


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) got unanimous consent in the Senate Friday for legislation to give Israel emergency funding for its Iron Dome missile defense system.

“This is a good example of us putting aside partisan considerations,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said after passage . . .

The Pentagon requested $225 million to replenish Israel’s missiles used to intercept rocket attacks from Hamas.


We’re spending almost another quarter of a Billion $$$ on a Foreign Power’s Middle-East War.

Can’t the State of Israel raise taxes on its own people and fund its own military defenses? :confused:

Meanwhile, our roads, bridges, schools, museums, and libraries crumble and are shutting down.


There is plenty of bad spending to eliminate to fund other good things. Would it be a good thing to let Israelis be killed by Hamas’ rockets? No, I’d vote for this expenditure.

When does the Congress vote on School spending? I wish they would cut what ever they spend in the Dept of Education. It never helps my children learn anything and I don’t want my schools to be dependent on Federal spending. Do I want Israel dependent on the US? Yes.


I support this funding - it’s a good thing to support our allies, something the US has not been particularly consistent about lately.


:thumbsup: I agree. We do need at least one ally in the Middle East and Isreal is the only one that does not consider us as “the great satan”.


Financially supporting war does not sound very Christ-like.


It sounds like the logic of empire. This is the same nation that casts itself in the role of the white knight of the world riding out to save all it should be noted.


Iron dome is for defense. I think it’s ok.


I would find it questionable indeed if my nation was paying for the military budgets of other nations - however should you like to throw some cash Ireland’s way we could do with upgrading our navy a wee bit further. We have one complete new patrol ship and orders in for two more to supplement the fleet, 225 million would help us buy three more. As we are one of the places in Europe where drug smuggling is a problem due to a small navy this could be viewed as defence to…


Since our policy is open borders to allow economic freedom to all who may come to a first world country, sending Ireland money to keep people out is not in line with our ideology. :D.


A big part of the reason that we need to send the interceptor missiles is to give the impression to Hamas that they will never deplete the missiles no matter how long they fireoff even cheap fireworks.


I don’t mind funding a defensive system for an ally, since that is what has made many nations strong throughout history.

However, if one takes issue with the white knight syndrome of the US, I can respect that, but we need consistency. You can’t call the US to go rescue non US citizens from Boko Haram, or to help fix a mess when a natural disaster tears a country apart, or any other of the hundred requests the US gets.

Heck, many of the same voices decrying the white knight attitude also insists we do not send back non-Citizens who violate our national sovereignty when it clearly is not a US problem.


Financially supporting not having innocents murdered by terrorists, however, sounds slightly more so.


I dunno. If you were to ask Turkish PM Erdogan, the acts of Israel are worse than those by Nazis. If you subscribe to his way of thinking, the morally correct thing to do would be to support the Hamas “freedom fighters.”

Sadly, too many Americans and Europeans subscribe to Erdogan’s way of thinking.


Strawman, one can dislike Israel’s actions without adopting Erdogan’s rhetoric which is rather over the top.


I wish that it was a strawman. Sadly, there are far too many people who fully buy into Erdogan’s rhetoric. Including a few who post here.


I can really see your point and tend to agree with you.

But given that the US kind of helped to create the modern state of Israel- we have politically tied ourselves to them.

They do owe so much of their security to the US- that is a certainty.


Since 1986 the US has given Ireland over 500 million dollars


A very good investment. The technology is put to good use!

A good case study for the benefit of the American people on how their tech. system works.


I’m sorry, I’m not a US citizen, I just commented based on simple logic, truly sorry about that. After knowing more about the Israel state, I withdraw my comment. Sorry once again.

Well now, I think I have to agree that the US should pay more attention about their own country development & help other countries who need help the most.


It is crazy how sometimes Hamas’s rather marginal rockets are considered cheap fireworks and other times they are treated as excellent weapons that will obliterate Israel if the US doesn’t support Israel.

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