excellent map


Methinks China is over reaching. Their claim closes the South China Sea and will strand Vietnam.

And the map makes it very clear why US warships are exercising the right of free passage.


I agree.


I hope the Navy ships involved are actually ready to fight and have clear orders of engagement.

The US Navy hasn’t exactly inspired confidence in me lately, due to the number of embarrassing gaffs they have been involved in. In every situation, they seem to have no clear orders on how to react and they seem unready for a fight.

Guess all that diversity and inclusion training is taking it’s toll on readiness…:mad:


In other news China is considering putting its nuclear weapons on alert status, and Russia is working on upgrading its entire ICBM force and its military, even as the US deterrent forces remain old and approach obsolesence while we cut the defense budget.


As much US debt as China owns and keeps buying, they probably ‘own’ a majority of those US Navy ships!

I think China and Russia have had plans in the pipelines for years to bring down the US, I know they both have plans to ensure the US dollar is dropped as the go to global currency, China wants to have their currency take over this spot.

I would not be surprised if I woke up one morning in the near future and everything is suddenly changed…and not in a good way.


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