U.S. Sent Cash to Iran as Americans Were Freed


Obama administration insists there was no quid pro quo, but critics charge payment amounted to ransom



I was having difficulty telling— in the article, it says:

The money represented the first installment of a $1.7 billion settlement the Obama administration reached with Iran to resolve a decades-old dispute over a failed arms deal signed just before the 1979 fall of Iran’s last monarch, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

and it also says:

Iranian officials have demanded in recent weeks the U.S. return $2 billion in Iranian funds that were frozen in New York in 2009. The Supreme Court recently ruled that the money should be given to victims of Iranian-sponsored terror attacks.

Members of Congress are seeking to pass legislation preventing the Obama administration from making any further cash payments to Iran. One of the bills requires for the White House to make public the details of its $1.7 billion transfer to Iran.

and it also says:

The Iranians were demanding the return of $400 million the Shah’s regime deposited into a Pentagon trust fund in 1979 to purchase U.S. fighter jets, U.S. officials said. They also wanted billions of dollars as interest accrued since then.

I’m glad I’m not the accountant. :slight_smile:


Tense: Obama Administration Refuses To Give Details About Cash Payment To Iran; "Why Is That Relevant?"



Obama’s “tilt” toward Iran is inexplicable.


Indeed. And no one cares

CNN’s ‘New Day’ Airs Nearly 200 Times More Coverage On Trump Controversies Than Iran



Despite plane full of cash to Iran, White House denies ransom deal



**Justice Department Officials Raised Objections on U.S. Cash Payment to Iran


No one cares because it’s a liberal democrat president who is never held accountable for anything. This story isn’t what the media would like americans to talk about right now. Sad. I hope enough people will wake up in time to vote for change in November.


Very true.


A plane load of cash.

And most U.S. citizens can’t even move $10,000 out of their own bank without the Fed’s taking note.


How much of this is the Iranians’ own money that was frozen during the hostage crisis?


Yes this is true,I guess the old do as I say not as I do applies.


Worse, it teaches the mullahs of Iran that if they have a budget shortfall from a decline in the price of oil, they can always kidnap some Americans for ransom to fill in the difference. How will the Obama administration, or heaven forbid, a Clinton administration tell another family that we paid a ransom for theirs, but not for yours?

The very fact that they tried to keep this secret speaks volumes. It also shows their incompetence because they should have known that even their own people involved in this would feel a need to speak out against it.


That $400 million is the exact amount AFAIK without even being adjusted for interest or inflation and it wasn’t frozen per se, it was money given to the US government in exchange for goods which were never delivered, basically it is a refund.


I think the Obama Admin consistently does themselves more harm by trying to cover things up than admitting the facts.

Since it was their money, it wasn’t really a ransom but they did respond with a quid pro quo by releasing the Americans. It could have been spun as a positive step in improving relations.


an UNMARKED plane flying in the middle of the night with money in 3 or 4 currencies packed in pallets.


Current laws prohibit transfer of US dollars and doesn’t the US government use unmarked planes within the US to transfer to transport pallets of dollars?


Instead, the most transparent administration ever tried to cover it up.


If Im not mistaken, wasnt there another plane load of money that mysteriously went ‘missing’ on or about when 9-11 happened?


I don’t know about that.

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