U.S. Supreme Court decision paves way for same-sex marriage in SC


In a 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court decided to not issue an emergency stay regarding same-sex marriage in South Carolina. Same-sex marriage in the state are scheduled to begin a noon today.

The decision makes South Carolina the 35th state to allow same-sex couples to get married.

In a brief statement, seven of the nine Supreme Court justices denied the stay, but Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Justice Clarence Thomas said they would hear it.

Thursday’s decision means there is very little left for Attorney General Alan Wilson to do to stop marriages from beginning at noon.


The gay marriage judicial steamroller marches on. Will people just meekly accept it?
I suppose that they will.


Sad news again. This is another attack against the family and society. We may not see its effects right away but over time we will. Just as with abortion, many are changing their minds many years later to see the evil of abortion, so too hopefully many will change their minds when it comes to the family and the sanctity of marriage. Now we can ask ourselves what can we do so that the other 15 states protect marriage between a man and a woman, and how we can overturn these bad laws and society acceptance of homosexual marriage :confused:


My hunch, and I’m not claiming to speak with any authority because the court has always been full of surprises, is that the court will passively allow gay marriage to take hold all over the country. When there are only a couple of holdout states, they’ll issue a ruling declaring those remaining bans unconstitutional. That way, they are only actually changing the policy of a few states, rather than a large percent of the nation. By and large the court is shielded from having to consider public opinion, but I really don’t think they want another Roe v. Wade.


That may happen. The SCOTUS might simply decide not to decide this issue, effectively leaving in place the decisions of the lower courts.

The lower courts, however, have been anything but passive. They have been actively imposing their own will against the will of the states.


In reality, putting a hold on it wouldn’t make much difference since there are already a number of states where it’s gone into force because of the inaction of SCOTUS. What’s a few more?

I think in a few years the push to do away with marriage laws all together will make this all for naught anyway.


Of course they will. They just got to vote. But really what can you do but accept it? The government makes the rules. I personally find our government evil and do not in any way consent to it or give praise to it (meaning I don’t sing the war anthem, salute the flag or pledge allegiance to the state). But what can you do save pray for it to be replaced with a better government. Personally I hope for the breakup of the US since I live in the South and while not perfect we would not have abortion or same sex marriage.


It looks to be that way. I think this battle is pretty much over, just like the abortion battle. Although, McConnell will be bringing up a bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks in 2015. I’m sure it will be filibustered, though.


Considering public support is pushing 60%, it seems that they’re more likely to enthusiastically welcome gay marriage than “meekly accept” it. Even many conservative politicians are quickly backing away from the issue.


Could be. But if public support is really so overwhelming, why has same sex marriage been primarily a court driven phenomenon, rather than being approved by referendum and legislatures? A popular movement doesn’t need the courts to enforce its will. It can use the democratic process.


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