U.S. Supreme Court set to hear challenge to public sector unions



This would apply only in non right to work states that already give teachers and others the right to opt out of unions and union fees. The argument is that almost everything unions do is political.


This is in line with QUADRAGESIMO ANNO

  1. Moreover, just as inhabitants of a town are wont to found associations with the widest diversity of purposes, which each is quite free to join or not, so those engaged in the same industry or profession will combine with one another into associations equally free for purposes connected in some manner with the pursuit of the calling itself. Since these free associations are clearly and lucidly explained by Our Predecessor of illustrious memory, We consider it enough to emphasize this one point: People are quite free not only to found such associations, which are a matter of private order and private right, but also in respect to them “freely to adopt the organization and the rules which they judge most appropriate to achieve their purpose.”


It’s stunning in this country that people have to literally take a case to the Supreme Court to NOT join a group.


On the surface, one would think so. But just look at how so many Americans are willing to sell out without getting some kind of spiritual direction or conscience formation.

I’m noting that because amidst certain cultural changes, people need to be able to function and live with some perspective while retaining the Faith. :shrug:

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