U.S. Supreme Court upholds Michigan's ban on affirmative action in college admissions


The U.S. Supreme Court upheld Michigan’s controversial ban on affirmative action in public college admissions in a divided opinion released Tuesday morning, preserving a law that U-M officials have said contributed to dwindling minority enrollment at the state’s flagship college.



Good news!




'Bout time. Affirmative Action is a racist institution and I hope other states follow suit!


Academic achievement and education over “diversity”? Who would have ever thunk it?!! :eek:


The issue of race factoring into the school selection process was handled by the courts before this proposal was put forward. I guess in some situations the voters have the right to decide, and in others they don’t. :shrug: The kick being that the courts decide when we get to decide. :rolleyes:



Has the University of Michigan also banned affirmative action based on geographical location, and does it admit a disproportionate number of students whose parents were alumni or whose parents have donated to the university’s coffers? And what about admitting students on the basis of their athletic ability rather than academic prowess? If a university is going to make admittance truly fair and equitable for all students, it should do so in all respects, not just based on race. One more question: does its anti-affirmative action policy extend to the hiring of faculty and administrators as well?


One would hope so, after all the students deserve the best regardless of skin color.


Of course one doesn’t choose their race, do they. athletic ability and talent, while often innate, can be developed and cultivated to help a prospective student gain admission. Academic and intellectual ability are also innate, but moderately intelligent student can work very hard to have a better chance to get admitted. Race was never a valid reason to admit students to a school. I think this step - upholding the ban on affirmative action based on race is an important step. Just because we might not have perfection is no reason not to applaud this.

Here in Washington we are still living in the dark ages when it comes to race and universities: the white president of Western Washington University recently complained that the university is “too white.” Perhaps he should step down to set a good example for others. So yes, Meltzerboy, we do still have a long way to go in some places. Good thing Michigan seems to be going in the right direction.




Race should not be considered at all.

One more question: does its anti-affirmative action policy extend to the hiring of faculty and administrators as well?

From the article in the OP:

Fifty-eight percent of Michigan voters in 2006 passed Proposal 2, a ballot initiative that amended the state constitution and made it illegal for state entities to consider race in admissions and hiring.

Based on that, yes the policy extends to the hiring of faculty and administrators as well.




The faculty at most colleges, IMHO, could use “diversity of thought”.


Do you agree that neither should geography (urban or rural areas of the country), gender, students of parent donors or alumni of the university, and athlete-students who do not make the grade scholastically? Why should these groups receive special treatment, since they do, if race does not?


Washington already has banned affirmative action. But the truth is, yes, universities are not reflecting the actual racial makeup of our state.

I was born and raised in WA and now go to school in MI. I can tell you that the racial issues are dramatically different between the two states. I am not totally comfortable with affirmative action in WA, because I think we have a fairly progressive state and we are doing many more constructive projects that help remedy historical and current racial injustices.

But Michigan is not the same. If you have ever visited Detroit and its suburbs, you’ll know what I mean. It is simply a matter of fact that blacks are treated far, far more poorly than whites, and they are treated this way because of their race. It’s incredible. I’m not exaggerating. I know it sounds farcical for that to be the truth in 2014, but that’s what I’ve seen.

Seeing that happen here in MI, I didn’t support Prop 2. Unlike the case of my home state, MI is not going to do anything to help elevate the poor out of poverty. The state is not going to put in programs that helps young black men and women achieve a lifestyle that is productive, happy, and dignified.

So, while I actually support the legal reasoning in the case, I think ultimately AA is needed in MI, and I hope the people and voters of MI amend Article 1, Section 26 of their Constitution to remove Prop 2’s additions.




I don’t think any of these groups should receive special treatment either.


Tom Brady went to University of Michigan. Must have been smart.


Affirmative Action is horrendously flawed. Example: Lets say Barack Obama was once again 17, and filling out college applications. He is black, but nobody in his lineage experienced the historical racial discrimination in the US, as his mother was white and his father was from Africa. He went to an exclusive high school in Hawaii (Punahou). Why should he have an advantage over a white kid or asian kid with a similar financial situation, just because he’s black?

There are such better solutions that can be implemented. Texas, for example, guarantees students in the top 10% of their class admissions to a state school. Might not be Texas or Texas A&M (you actually have to be higher in your class to attend those schools), but you will be admitted to a state university. This equalizes the whole issue of inequality of schools.


Because it is perfectly legal to discriminate as long as it is not based on race, creed, gender or country of national origin.


And who determines which States are “enlightened” enough to not be required to offer affirmative action?

As far as the treatment of inner city blacks in Detroit-I suspect this is far more a function of the prevalence of crime and violence in these areas that the color of the populaces skin.


College admissions should be based on academic achievement and nothing else.


I completely agree. There are better plans than affirmative action. I think Texas is a good example. In Washington, we have similar programs. All of these are ways for hardworking, but disadvantaged, kids to get access to a better life.

But Michigan won’t implement similar programs. It will do nothing. And I think that having affirmative action in a state like Michigan is better than doing nothing at all.

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