U.S. Troops Criticize Proposal That Would Ban Smoking in Military

I remember when the army tried to do this is the eighties the army would be smoke free by the year 2000. We laughed at it then I laughed at this now. BTW; I’m a non-smoker.

U.S. Troops Criticize Proposal That Would Ban Smoking in Military
FORWARD OPERATING BASE FALCON, Iraq — Gen. Douglas MacArthur had his signature corncob pipe. Soldiers got cigarettes in their C-rations during World War II. Even today, America’s war on tobacco seems to have largely bypassed the military.
Now a proposal to make the forces smoke-free is drawing strong reactions from troops who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, even though the Pentagon itself says any ban is a long way off.
The troops’ fears — and, in some cases, hopes — were triggered by a study commissioned by the Pentagon and the Veterans Affairs Department that recommends moving toward a tobacco-free military, perhaps in about 20 years…

My father had Lucky Strikes in his rations (World War 2). Those who didn’t smoke traded theirs.

The*** “Powers That Be”*** knew that (some of) our brave boys needed “nerves.”

God Bless them-every one.

We had all kinds of brands in the seventies I think they stopped when we started getting MRE’s but people were getting sick off the MRE’s so we had to go back to C’s for awhile until they could figure out how to stop the bacteria from growing inside the MRE bags.

What funny about this to be a smoke free military the United States would have to be smoke free.

Our military is a reflection of our civilian society. I wish it could be smoke free but it’s never going to happen.

Somebody needs to come up with healthy tobacco. NO NOT POT IT’S NOT HEALTHY!:smiley:

Electronic Cigarettes… it’s actually not tobacco… it atomizes liquid nicotine which is inhaled and exhaled as a vapor… there is practically no smell, and no second hand smoke (or any smoke, for that matter). Despite some FDA warnings (which I believe is due in part to them wanting a piece of the pie [taxes from the sale of these]), they are much healthier than traditional cigarettes, and much healthier for society, because again, no second-hand smoke.

They will quit AFTER the Commander-in-Chief! :rotfl:

Come on he’s liberal and that motto is; “DO WHAT I SAY NOT WHAT I DO!”:sad_yes:

Of course ONLY liberals say that…:rolleyes:

Give me a break.

As far as the smoking rule in the military-if they’re old enough to send them off to be killed because some country that never attacked us might have WMD’s which we still haven’t found…let 'em smoke if they want to.

I just laugh when I here this liberal phrase! That has never been a standard that America has to be attacked first to go to war!

BTW we were already at war with Iraq since 1991 so the Bush [FONT=Arial]Administration didn’t have to get permission from anyone to resume combat operations that’s a fact.[/FONT]

Now here some factual American military history:

Views of American imperialism badly misstate our history, distort our present policies. Involvement in far-flung and unpopular conflicts doesn’t represent a recent innovation or the result of some conspiratorial takeover of U.S. foreign policy. American military involvement in remote corners of the globe characterized every stage of our emergence as a world power. The purpose of these conflicts and interventions has little connection to colonialism or conquest or empire building in the classical sense. More often the United States has done this for unselfish intentions. Regardless of the wisdom behind these frequent military or diplomatic initiatives, their overall, long-term impact most often benefited the peoples involved as well as the world at large.

Unlike other empires in human history, the powerful American sphere of influence has generally promoted the cause of both prosperity and liberty.

People forget the United States fought its first war against Islamic extremism more than two hundred years ago. This is where we get the first verse of the “Marines’ Hymn” “to the shores of Tripoli."

The first Barbary War (1801-5) lasted four years after President Thomas Jefferson sent the new Navy to the Mediterranean to protect American interests and honor. The semi-nations of Algeria, Tunisia, and Tripoli [today Libya] functioned like today’s State sponsors of terrorism backing ruthless pirates who devastated U.S. shipping until Washington paid lavish tribute to these local thugs.

The United States has a long-standing tradition of small wars or so-called low intensity conflicts. If you study U.S. military history it has a tradition of fighting small wars. Between 1800 and 1934, U.S. Marines staged 180 landings abroad. The army and navy added a few small-scale engagements of their own. Some resulted in heavy casualties; others involved not fighting. Most of theses campaigns were fought by a small number of professional soldiers. I can testify to this from some of the missions I was involved in though the 1970s -1990s.

I just want to scream when I hear not well educated on the subject left wing Hollywood stars, politicians and educated life wing college professors totally distort the Bush administration Iraq policy saying this is the first time we have ever attacked a country without being attacked first.

They are totally ignorant of history or lying about the facts.

or they have reached a point in their lives when they believe that war is not the first answer to every problem…

I really believe it depends which political party holds the Presidents office.

I really hope that is not the case. I would like to think that whichever party holds the WH, they would consider sending our troops into battle ONLY as an absolute last resort and a response to a clear and present danger to our country.

I wasn’t referring to the President I was referring to the people that criticize the President of one party yet when a President of another party does the same thing they are silent; be they Republicans or Democrats.

But we’re drifting off topic here.

Like I said earlier the army tried to do this in the eighties to have a smoke free army by the year 2000 and we the troops laughed at it. IMO the only way the military can be smoke free if the United States is smoke free because of new recruits entering military service your still going to have smokers among them.

Smoking was rather awesome in the Army. For a while we had smoking chits which you had to use to be away from your station (this was during exercises) After the second or third day those chits were GOLD!!! Good bye guard duty, hello chits.

I guess I should say it was awesome if you were a non-smoker.

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