U.S. Visas for Same-Sex Spouses

I just received the latest newsletter from the American Ambassy in Tokyo and noticed the following:

U.S. Visas for Same-Sex Spouses

Effective immediately, U.S. embassies and consulates can accept visa applications filed on behalf of same-sex spouses.*Visas for same-sex spouses, please visit travel.state.gov/visa/frvi/frvi_6036.html

I thought this should be brought to the attention of a wider audience.

That is so unfair here my lawful spouse cant get a visa into the us but same sex spouses can shameful

It says they can apply.
It doesn’t mean they will get it. They’d be under the same scrutiny as a heterosexual spouse.
This is a lawful spouse, too, though…just like yours. This is not illegal or unlawful.

I assume your spouse can apply, too?


Exactly. All some people want to do is start a new life in the United States, which from what I’ve seen as the product of immigrants, is not easy at times and very commendable of them to do.

No, he cannot, but who am I to question? I know when I made a mistake and I read it wrongg. This is not a place to bicker. God bless†

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