U.S. warns of 'overwhelming' response to any use of nuclear weapons by North Korea

U.S. warns of ‘overwhelming’ response to any use of nuclear weapons by North Korea. abcn.ws/2elI8fy

We’ll use our angriest hashtags!

call their bluff!

:popcorn: Yep, just throw in some threatening North Korea post on a regular basis. Helps with the digestion - not.


I have the feeling the Chinese will handle that smackdown if it is needed. No one wants a mad dog in their back yard.

[quote=ABC News]The statement by Defense Secretary Ash Carter came as top U.S. and South Korean diplomats and military officials met, weeks after North Korea’s most powerful nuclear test explosion to date, and days after its failed test launch of a ballistic missile — one of more than 20 such tests this year alone.

The two sides discussed steps to strengthen the so-called “extended deterrence” provided by U.S. nuclear forces in defending South Korea and agreed to begin a high-level dialogue about it. Seoul is looking to allay calls from conservatives at home who want South Korea to develop its own nuclear arsenal.

So was this statement from the US meant more for South Korea, than for North Korea?

The warning was deliberately vague, of course, but I suspect the US could effectively neutralize North Korea with conventional weapons alone. The positioning of US nuclear forces is just saber-rattling, perhaps meant to divert attention away from the true strategy.

Pray for the people of North Korea. Even if the “overwhelming response” were carried out with surgical precision (assume, for the sake of discussion, no direct civilian casualties), the attack could precipitate an economic collapse of that already impoverished country. North Koreans would suffer tremendously. Maybe we should talk about the reconstruction.

Yes, China might carry out the attack. They are certainly in a better position to put troops on the ground as needed to eliminate the nuclear threat and then restore order and begin reconstruction.

North Korea would be vaporised , End of story

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