U-Va: Cavalier about Anti-Catholicism

Racism, Gay bashing are taken seriously, but when it comes to religious bigotry nothing is done about it. What ever happened to equal treatment for everyone?


Nothing new there, unfortunately. We have a brilliant friend, a nun, who ultimately received an advanced degree from U.Va. but experienced overt anti-Catholicism from faculty (this was years ago now.) Sad.

What happened to her? What did they say to her?

Our former YM did her undergrad degree at UVA. She did her masters at Loyola in Baltimore, which is barely Catholic.

She’s an awesome, faithful woman, so it can be done. —KCT

Ok, I give up, what were these cartoons about? How were they anti-Christian?

The Catholic League doesn’t say - all it says is this:

*September 13, 2007

*UVa: Cavalier about Anti-Catholicism

Minority groups on campus, under the leadership of the local NAACP, showed up at the Cavalier’s officers and demanded that Woolard be ousted. They were quickly obliged. The paper’s editor-in-chief explained, “The instant the public raised a question about it, we realized it was a mistake.” In addition, the Washington Post reports that a debate still rages on campus over whether the paper’s managing board of editors should submit their resignations as well.

The *Cavalier’s *editors wasted no time in acting on this issue. However, when the Catholic League objected to anti-Christian cartoons the paper published in September 2006 (one of which was also drawn by Woolard), they did not show the same haste. The editors initially refused to apologize (though they had previously apologized for a cartoon that upset gays) and stood by the cartoons, dubbing them acceptable satire. Eventually, the cartoons were removed from the paper’s website and a statement of regret was posted. But Woolard was kept on.

It is telling that the management of the Cavalier Daily is sensitive about the concerns of blacks and gays, but not of Christians. It seems that while racism and gay bashing are treated seriously on the campus, religious bigotry is not seen as such a problem.

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This non-stop belly-aching over trifles is a very bad idea, because it leads to denouncing trivia as though they were really great evils. When or if those occur, how is the League to convince people that it is condemning great evils that need condemning, & not merely fussing over trivia ? :frowning:

What “religious bigotry” ? Something that the League conceptualises as such - that doesn’t make it “bigotry”. [/LEFT]

<<Minority groups on campus, under the leadership of the local NAACP, showed up at the Cavalier’s officers and demanded that Woolard be ousted. >>

The wierd thing is that Ethiopians are not a Negroid (Hamitic) people but Semitic.

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