U2 Concert

I saw U2 in concert a few days ago and am a huge fan. I always feel more spiritual and closer to God during and after one of their concerts. The band is very Christian, and Bono attends Catholic mass. Most of their songs contain biblical references - some more overt than others. In concert, Bono often speaks more openly about his Christian faith and inserts prayer and praises to God inbetween songs. I thank God for U2 because they have brought me closer to God and re-energized my faith at many crucial times in my life.

Just curious if anyone out there is a fan and has similiar thoughts/feelings…

I didn’t know that Bono is a practising Catholic. That’s great. I haven’t listened to them for years but maybe I could get a few CDs :dancing:

Cool ! I love U2 when’s the next cd release comung?:thumbsup:

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